There are 2 main definitions of goat in English:

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goat 1

Pronunciation: /ɡōt/


1A hardy domesticated ruminant animal that has backward curving horns and (in the male) a beard. It is kept for its milk and meat and is noted for its lively and frisky behavior.
Example sentences
  • Besides this, Spanish cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats introduced European meats and fats, milk, butter, and cheese to the Mexican diet.
  • Finds of animal bones reveal that the ox and the cow were domesticated as were sheep and goats (kept for meat and wool).
  • They eat the meat of goats, sheep, water buffalo, and cows.
1.1A wild mammal related to this, such as the ibex, markhor, and tur. See also mountain goat.
Example sentences
  • Wild goats are tolerant of considerable extremes of temperature and would most likely have been a source of food for most of the post-glacial period.
  • The fauna is represented by species such as deer, wild goats, bears, wolves, foxes and martens.
  • After that all the sheep, wild goats and deer on the Cooley Peninsula would have to be destroyed.
2A person likened to a goat, in particular.
Example sentences
  • When he arrived, he was like a little lost goat who didn't even have the money to buy a sandwich.
  • I think that people should pay more attention to history and think about what they're following, rather than follow what some daft goat decides to preach.
  • Yea AJ, thus proving that he's a senile old goat who needs put in a straightjacket and committed to a care home (along with the entire male population of Fife).
2.1A lecherous man.
Example sentences
  • When you say that some of the girls are prostitutes and that he used to be a responsible, respected person, it is entirely possible that the old goat is having brain changes.
2.2US A scapegoat.
Example sentences
  • O'Neill is believable because his own story portrays him as goat, not hero.
  • The truth is, he saw a last, desperate chance to transform himself from goat to martyr and he took it.


get someone's goat

informal Irritate someone: I’ve tried to get along with her, but sometimes she really gets my goat
More example sentences
  • Apart from the super-slow service, what else got my goat?
  • I mean I do read them, and one of them has got my goat enough for this blog entry - does that mean they work?
  • This being the sixties, most of them felt it was a matter of free speech, which really got his goat.



Pronunciation: /ˈɡōdiSH/
Example sentences
  • The other meaning of fiesta is ‘feast day’, and refers, of course, to the day the goat is finally sacrificed - although goats are usually sacrificed as representatives of human piety and contrition, rather than for their own goatish sins.
  • It's his first day in the job and he's already banned the entire population of Australia and ‘people with goatish beards’.
  • One of the beasts, true to goatish cliches, started gnawing on a plastic strap on her pram.


Pronunciation: /ˈɡōdē/
Example sentences
  • But one warning - if you are a goaty academic, don't presume (as your kind always does) that women will find you attractive just because you're brainy.
  • Of several good puddings, I tried white chocolate parfait with a goat's milk yoghurt, which stamped, as goaty things will, on the gentle chocolate, but was a fascinating flavour.
  • You would never compare mousetrap cheddar with camembert, so why assume that all goat's cheese will taste the same - overpoweringly rank and, well, goaty?


Old English gāt 'nanny goat', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch geit and German Geiss, also to Latin haedus 'kid'.

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There are 2 main definitions of goat in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɡoʊt/


informal, chiefly US
(Especially of a sports player) greatest of all time: excellent defensive play from the GOAT no one can deny his GOAT status, but he can't win forever that movie was GOAT
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