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gone Syllabification: gone

Definition of gone in English:

past participle of go1.


[predicative] Back to top  
1No longer present; departed: while you were gone the bad old days are gone
More example sentences
  • It was the rudiment of a possible discussion but she was already gone, leaving him alone in the aisle.
  • The sun was almost gone, and Rowena shared the garden only with one old man in a wheelchair.
  • Those moments I remember from the Ireland squad when Duff's shyness got the better of him are virtually gone.
away, absent, off, out;
missing, unavailable
past, over, over and done with, no more, done, finished, ended;
forgotten, dead and buried
1.1No longer in existence; dead or extinct: an aunt of mine, long since gone
More example sentences
  • The petroleum industry barely existed 100 years ago and will probably be largely gone 100 years from now.
  • If she was gone, dead and buried, he could move on with his life.
  • With the internet the prime reason for the existence of cities is gone.
dead, deceased, expired, departed, no more, passed on/away;
late, lost, lamented;
perished, fallen;
defunct, extinct
euphemistic with God, asleep, at peace
rare demised, exanimate
1.2No longer available: all 35,000 tickets will be gone by next weekend
More example sentences
  • Having been consumed, they are gone and are not available to others.
  • Goods that are consumed are gone and thus not available for use in production.
  • Much of the available money was gone before the traditional marketing season for lambs even began.
used up, consumed, finished, spent, depleted;
at an end
1.3 informal In a trance or stupor, especially through exhaustion, drink, or drugs: she sat, half-gone, on a folding chair
1.4 [attributive] informal, chiefly US Lost; hopeless: spending time and effort on a gone sucker like Galindez
1.5US informal, dated Excellent; inspired: a bunch of real gone cats
2 informal Having reached a specified time in a pregnancy: she is now four months gone
More example sentences
  • The first time, I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was four months gone.
  • Most teenage mums won't even go to their doctor until they are six or seven months gone because they are so afraid.


British Back to top  
1(Of time) past: it’s gone half past eleven
1.1(Of age) older than: she was gone sixty by then


be gone on
informal Be infatuated with: I always knew he was gone on you

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