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Syllabification: grasp
Pronunciation: /grasp


[with object]


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  • 1A firm hold or grip: the child slipped from her grasp
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    • Scott stepped forward, and took my hand in a firm grasp, kissing it lightly.
    • She tried to rip her wrist out of his grip but his grasp was too firm.
    • He placed a firm grasp on her shoulders and looked into her eyes that were welled with tears.
    grip, hold; clutch, clasp, clenchcontrol, power, clutches, command, domination, rule, tyranny
  • 1.1A person’s power or capacity to attain something: he knew success was within his grasp
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    • There are those who snigger that it was a fine strategy by the old comrades, who have perfected the art of using each other for keeping power within their grasp.
    • But the grasp of politicians on power is not likely to loosen quickly and the alternative democratic leadership is slow to develop.
    • Many are walking around dazed and bewildered at the shape of things and the grasp of power.
    reach, scope, power, limits, range; sights
  • 1.2A person’s understanding: meanings that are beyond my grasp his grasp of detail
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    • You have to understand and have a grasp of what is going to happen.
    • They were encouraged to solve their own problems, which, I suspect, gave them an intuitive grasp of the concept that not all problems can be solved.
    • Linux novices often find virtual memory mysterious, but with a grasp of the fundamental concepts, it's easy to understand.


grasp at straws (or a straw)

see straw.

grasp the nettle

British Tackle a difficulty boldly.
[because a nettle stings when touched lightly, but not when grasped firmly]
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  • Tackling mental health, grasping the nettle of introducing rights-based legislation will come at a cost.
  • He said: ‘I am pleased that the Prime Minister is now re-examining my proposals but we shall see whether the Government really grasps the nettle regarding this issue.’
  • He warned the country could be facing another crisis unless the next Government grasps the nettle of public spending.



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  • The assumption is that things graspable by intellect alone belong to a realm above the material, corporeal world and hence are timeless.
  • For another thing, it robs you of the kind of moral focus that makes for more unambiguous, and thus easily graspable, art.
  • Just as a nuclear physicist can say words that have no meaning to me, an actor can use the words ‘rhythm’ or ‘intention’, and mean something very specific that is not easily graspable by those who haven't studied it.


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  • It's time for them to stand up to the grabbers and graspers.
  • These trocars allow for passage of long, fiber-optic telescopes and narrow instruments, such as graspers, scissors, babcocks, and staplers, to perform the surgical procedure.
  • The graspers get more food, more resources and will always out-compete the misers, because when there are resources, the misers get less for their children.


late Middle English: perhaps related to grope.

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