Definition of grass roots in English:

grass roots

Syllabification: grass roots
(also grassroots /ˈɡrasˌro͞ots/)


1The most basic level of an activity or organization: the whole campaign would be conducted at the grass roots [as modifier]: trying to improve the sport’s image at the grass-roots level
More example sentences
  • The Prime Minister said he wanted to create a partnership between Whitehall and individuals and organisations at the grass-roots level.
  • Activity in the U.K. and Australia is at the grass-roots level, although some promising movements toward greater public and professional awareness have begun.
  • You would not believe the dedication for this company that exists at grass-roots level, and though we are the little people - we ALL make a crucial difference.
popular, of-the-people, bottom-up, nonhierarchical, rank-and-file
1.1Ordinary people regarded as the main body of an organization’s membership: you have lost touch with the grass roots of the party
More example sentences
  • The idea of the rule change was to give greater input to ordinary grass-roots Conservative party members.
  • Of the grass-roots membership of the party, a clear majority appears to be on the left.
  • A true strategy would take into account many more issues and would be developed with the involvement of grass-roots membership.

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