Definition of greedy in English:


Syllabification: greed·y
Pronunciation: /ˈɡrēdē

adjective (greedier, greediest)

1Having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power: greedy thieves who plundered a defense contractor
More example sentences
  • They are sometimes pugilistic, invariably dominant, and often greedy for power.
  • She was greedy for power, and didn't let morals get in the way of her pursuit of it.
  • Anthony had been the one who was greedy for his family's wealth wanting to use it for his own ends.
eager, avid, hungry, craving, longing, yearning, hankering;
impatient, anxious
informal dying, itching
1.1Having an excessive desire or appetite for food.
More example sentences
  • It's partly the result, he says, of our endless greedy appetite for the good things of life.
  • Dennis groped his greedy hands over the box of food that Adrian had kept so securely beside him.
  • The blackcurrant bush is alive with the wings and chirps of greedy blackbirds gorging themselves.
gluttonous, ravenous, voracious, intemperate, self-indulgent, insatiable, wolfish
informal piggish, piggy


Old English grǣdig, of Germanic origin.



More example sentences
  • They are already greedily casting their eyes on more private property they can condemn so as to expand the tax base.
  • The hawk swung down to ground level, flew in a strong beat and glide rhythm, and then swooped up to land on her fist, beak pulling greedily at the meat.
  • She fears the food she places into her mouth, yet she gobbles it up greedily.


More example sentences
  • The details suggested a mean streak, an exploitive nature, a sloppy greediness, none of which seemed especially pleasant, let alone presidential.
  • This traditional bad habit of greediness must stop now!
  • Who hasn't taken solace in some form of greediness, self-assertion, or just plain carelessness?

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