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  • 1(Of an egg) boiled until the white and the yolk are solid.
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    • David's plan informed me that I was allowed to snack on two celery sticks, half a red pepper, plus some chopped hard-boiled egg white - whereupon I told David to stuff it, and ate a bowl of Frosties and three marshmallows.
    • Plus, I switch the protein shakes with hard-boiled egg whites.
    • I'll often get a salad, and then put hard-boiled egg whites and turkey on it, maybe some fish, and grab some fruit for dessert.
  • 2(Of a person) tough and cynical.
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    • Even hard-boiled sceptics will be stupefied at what is on sale there in place of the current literature: Neatly arranged and priced, as if they were the major works on the Nazi era, are the administrative reports of the memorial.
    • The unorthodox approach of child protection lecturer Dr Sue Hamilton caused a flutter of discomfort among the hard-boiled audience, but at the seminar on youth development it was to be politics, not sex, which aroused the football men.
    • His disarming professorial habit of asking hard-boiled members of the press to repeat his words of wisdom after him (which he himself has repeated anyhow) somehow never seems offensive.
  • 2.1Denoting a tough, realistic style of detective fiction set in a world permeated by corruption and deceit: a hard-boiled thriller
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    • Chandler has somehow come to embody the genre of hard-boiled detective fiction, although he didn't (as some people seem to believe) create it.
    • Let's get one thing straight - Dashiell Hammett is the greatest author of hard-boiled detective fiction there ever was, or ever will be.
    • Given the turbulent and often violent nature of the times, the reasons a writer might choose to reflect them through the medium of hard-boiled detective fiction might seem self-evident.



sense 1.
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  • You've never seen cooking inadequacies until your fourteen year old brother starts a fire trying to hard-boil some eggs.
  • I have seen the Seahawks get a sack because Arizona's Kurt Warner held the ball for about as long as it takes to hard-boil an egg.
  • Now, if you hard-boil this egg, you end up with a hard-boiled egg that has no yoke in the middle.

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