Definition of hassle in English:


Syllabification: has·sle
Pronunciation: /ˈhasəl


1Irritating inconvenience: the hassle of losing a high security key traveling can be a hassle
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  • ‘It's caused a lot of inconvenience and hassle but it's not going to affect our business,’ he said.
  • I've talked one-on-one with quite a few customers, so I know this caused some of you considerable hassle and inconvenience.
  • Couples can resolve the problems of divorcing without becoming involved in the stress, hassle and financial cost of a court settlement.
1.1Deliberate harassment: if they give you any hassle, just tell them it’s for me
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  • We have to pick our way to sanity through a cacophony of pressure and hassle which are not the product of any one moment in time but of the times in which we live.
  • But misunderstandings and mistrust do exist, and some have resulted in hassle and harassment.
  • After it was discovered that I was a Christian, I was subjected to hassle and harassment on a daily basis and management would not do anything about it.
1.2North American A disagreement; a quarrel: an election-year hassle with farmers


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Harass; pester: squeegee men who hassle drivers for change at stoplights
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  • Sure they were bothered by the state police and hassled by the communist militia, but that just spiced up the spirit of adventure.
  • My dad is hassling me because I never return his calls.
  • I'll just keep calling you and hassling you until you do…
harass, pester, nag, keep on at, badger, hound, harry, bother, torment, plague
informal bug, give someone a hard time, get on someone's case, breathe down someone's neck
harassed, agitated, stressed (out), harried, frayed, flustered;
beleaguered, hounded, plagued, bothered, beset, tormented;
under pressure
informal up against it, hot and bothered


late 19th century (originally dialect in the sense 'hack or saw at'): of unknown origin, perhaps a blend of haggle and tussle.

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