Definition of herself in English:


Syllabification: her·self
Pronunciation: /hərˈself


[third person singular]
1 [reflexive] Used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a female person or animal previously mentioned as the subject of the clause: she had to defend herself Jo made herself a cup of tea
More example sentences
  • She didn't see why she could just call herself a female Marquis and have done with it!
  • Valerie used to go to Southend and treat herself to a cup of coffee when she was feeling down.
  • She poured herself a cup from the flask she had tucked away in the holdall she'd brought.
2 [emphatic] She or her personally (used to emphasize a particular female person or animal mentioned): she told me herself
More example sentences
  • It makes a person want to help others and to become a better person himself or herself.
  • So it is for each defendant himself or herself to decide whether to answer or not.
  • He hopes she might buy it herself, but admits he is not too concerned who gets it.


Old English (see her, self).


(not) be herself

by herself

see by oneself at by.

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