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Syllabification: hex·ag·o·nal
Pronunciation: /hekˈsaɡənl


1Of or pertaining to a hexagon.
1.1(Of a solid) having a section that is a hexagon; constructed on a base that is a hexagon.
More example sentences
  • Originally its hexagonal socle, or base, supported a Calvary group simulating the Hill of Golgotha.
  • The mahogany pillar-and-scroll center table was made in Philadelphia, 1830-1835, and is distinguished by its hexagonal shaft with a bombe base.
  • First there was the steep slope down to the water, then the rocks themselves, irregular hexagonal columns all jammed up next to each other.
1.2Designating or pertaining to a crystal system in which three coplanar axes of equal length are separated by 60° and a fourth axis of a different length is at right angles to these.
More example sentences
  • They usually involve three numbers or, in the case of hexagonal and rhombohedral symmetries, four numbers, one for each crystallographic axis.
  • Solid metallic crystals, such as copper and iron usually form cubic or hexagonal lattice systems.
  • Rhodochrosite crystallizes in the trigonal class of the hexagonal system and occurs in a number of diverse forms.
1.3(Of a mineral) crystallizing in a hexagonal system.
More example sentences
  • We have also seen several specimens in which pyrite has replaced a hexagonal mineral that was probably pyrrhotite.
  • Unlike the familiar native metals gold, silver, and copper, luanheite is hexagonal.



More example sentences
  • He explains that the team has learned to assemble several strands of RNA into a hexagonally shaped ‘engine ‘with a strand of DNA functioning as the ‘axle.’
  • Diamond is also a light material whose atoms are covalently bonded and arrayed in a cubic structure, whereas osmium is heavy, metallic, and has hexagonally organized atoms.
  • Several of these rod-like structures, organized hexagonally in 2 or 3 layers, make up the interior of a chlorosome.

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