Definition of high-powered in English:


Syllabification: high-pow·ered
(also high-power)


1(Of a machine or device) having greater than normal strength or capabilities: a high-powered rifle
More example sentences
  • They'll love the 9310XL, which is the quietest high-power machine I've tested.
  • People camp out on the mainland for weeks, pouring their life savings into high-power telescopes, just to catch a glimpse of him.
  • Police officers and SWAT members surround the house with their high-power guns.
1.1Dynamic and capable: a high-powered delegation
More example sentences
  • To be a senior manager, a CEO or any high-powered corporate executive you need to be smart, sharp, presentable and have reasonable charisma.
  • Meanwhile, Paul realises his wife - a high-powered advertising executive - might want another child.
  • Relishing her best film role for some time, Stockard Channing is the high-powered business executive wedded to her mobile and merciless in the demands she makes on others.
dynamic, ambitious, energetic, assertive, enterprising, vigorous;
forceful, powerful, potent, aggressive
vulgar slang ass-kicking

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