Definition of hole in the wall in English:

hole in the wall

Syllabification: hole in the wall


1chiefly North American A small dingy place, especially a bar or restaurant: even though the gallery was only a hole in the wall, I couldn’t have afforded it [as modifier]: hole-in-the wall bars
More example sentences
  • In the neighborhood, you'll find authentic old pubs, hole in the wall shops selling all manner of strange things and artist enclaves.
  • He asked and made Bruce pull into a small hole in the wall tux shop.
  • Years ago, this place was a hole in the wall, modest in every sense but in its offerings of genuine Italian pastries and the real deal when it came to coffee.
2British An automatic cash dispenser installed in the outside wall of a bank.
More example sentences
  • Using a bank card at a hole in the wall makes the elderly vulnerable to mugging.
  • But these days, banks are anyway basically a computer and a hole in the wall, so why do they need staff and fancy branches and head offices?
  • But I realise they all need time on their own and make an excuse that I need cash from the hole in the wall.

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