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Syllabification: hone
Pronunciation: /hōn


1 [with object] Sharpen (a blade): he was carefully honing the curved blade
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  • When the sharpener is pulled firmly across a double-sided blade, it hones both sides of the tool at once.
  • In a small wooden case hanging from the cart, there are knife stones, sand paper and a special tool for honing the edge of new knives.
  • He sat down on his bed and took out his sword, honing the edge on a small, flat rock.
sharpen, whet, strop, grind, file;
polish, refine, improve, enhance, fine-tune
2 [with object] Refine or perfect (something) over a period of time: she has taken numerous workshops to hone her skills over the years (as adjective, with submodifier honed) a finely honed performance
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  • Aides say mock debates help to hone his arguments and to keep his answers focused.
  • With a view to providing an opportunity for the students to hone their skills, more colleges are entering into agreements with industries.
  • That allowed the company to focus exclusively on the corporate market and hone its message as a provider of premium services and products.
2.1Give greater strength or firmness to (the body or a part of the body): she has been working hard to hone her physique abdominal strength training will hone your abs
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  • Youthful, physically attractive bodies honed to perfection display the image we are expected to achieve.
  • She also possesses a body honed to gymnastic perfection, making her look 10 years younger than her age.
  • She has honed her muscles to a level which almost defies description.
3 [no object] (hone in on) another way of saying home in on (see home). the detectives honed in on the suspect I started to hone in on the problem
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  • We have a huge selection and people just honed in on certain ones.
  • And the media spotlight honed in on the sexy new power couple.
  • We honed in on brands that resonated well with our customers.


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A whetstone, especially one used to sharpen razors.
More example sentences
  • By the way, a diamond hone is the ideal tool for sharpening in camp.
  • The stone often arrived rough, from where it went to another site to be finished into the actual hone.
  • I like to start with a soft stone, such as the stick-like hones sometimes used by watchmakers.


Middle English: from Old English hān 'stone', of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse hein.

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