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Syllabification: hon·ey·comb
Pronunciation: /ˈhənēˌkōm


1A structure of hexagonal cells of wax, made by bees to store honey and eggs.
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  • The surplus is stored away in the honeycomb to sustain the bees throughout the flowerless months of autumn and winter.
  • Once the bee has made it home again, it barfs up the half-digested nectar and stores it in honeycombs.
  • Other topics which Maclaurin wrote on were the annular eclipse of the sun in 1737 and the structure of bees' honeycombs.
2A structure of adjoining cavities or cells: a honeycomb of caves
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  • The rock was pitted with a honeycomb of caves, each formerly the cell of a Byzantine monk.
  • A spin-off company is expected to market the technology and to produce the structural honeycomb products.
  • The foam has a honeycomb structure and is completely recyclable.
2.1A mass of cavities produced by corrosion or dissolution: [as modifier]: honeycomb weathering
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  • They have eaten through the plaster itself to the point where it is no more than a rotting honeycomb, a huge housing system for an entire ecosystem of bugs.
  • The lumps are a result of the interaction of the bacteria dissolving the bone, and the bone trying to repair itself, leaving a honeycomb effect.
  • Sometimes the entire face of the stone can be lost leaving a honeycomb of cement mortar standing proud, forming a water trap and increasing the risk of frost damage.
2.2A raised hexagonal or cellular pattern on the face of a fabric.
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  • One of the throw pillows had a honeycomb pattern that made me dizzy.
  • The final winner was Eriskay fabric, a worsted material with an unusual honeycomb texture, designed by Catherine Murray from Bute Fabrics.
  • The honeycomb texture is recessed rather than raised, and is available in a wide range of colours from rich vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens to more unexpected pastel shades.
3Tripe from the second stomach of a ruminant.
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  • Tripe comes in four types; the fat part of the first belly and three different section of honeycomb from the second stomach.


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1Fill with cavities or tunnels: whole hillsides were honeycombed with mines
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  • The island, itself, is honeycombed with tunnels.
  • It still had a functional role in WW II, when the cliffs on which it stood were honeycombed with tunnels.
  • The building will be honeycombed with courtyards, which will be planted with trees and shrubs, and there will be disabled access throughout.
1.1Infiltrate and undermine: their men honeycombed the army
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  • But it is not as evident as many news stories imply and all too many people suspect that the Archdiocese of Boston, or the Catholic Church, is honeycombed with pedophiles.
  • They honeycombed the State Department and the Office of Strategic Services.
  • They are honeycombed with Socialists - probably with Communists.


Old English hunigcamb (see honey, comb).

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