Definition of illogical in English:


Syllabification: il·log·i·cal
Pronunciation: /i(l)ˈläjək(ə)l


Lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning: an illogical fear of the supernatural
More example sentences
  • You don't give me advice about my rubbish and ultimately illogical sense of humour, so I should just leave you alone.
  • Stupid, illogical things that seemed a good idea at the time, but you just can't explain to the judge afterwards.
  • A man must not seek to compel his son to love him for it may be impossible for a thousand illogical impulses.
irrational, unreasonable, unsound, unreasoned, unjustifiable, groundless, unfounded;
incorrect, erroneous, invalid, spurious, faulty, flawed, fallacious, unscientific;
absurd, preposterous, untenable
informal full of holes, off the wall



Pronunciation: /i(l)ˌläjiˈkalitē/
noun (plural illogicalities)
More example sentences
  • The illogicalities of her train of thought were set off by my own routine.
  • It's more about the illogicality of suffering and how inexplicable that is and how we fight against it in all our lives, whether it's cancer or whatever.
  • There is a striking illogicality if you share our desire to see Scotland's economy grow but become very uneasy to learn that a Scottish company is doing exceptionally well.


Pronunciation: /-ik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • They don't want to criticize a big corporation for manipulating the political process, so they quite illogically place all the blame on Davis.
  • The centre is certainly not a dominating feature of the lives of residents of Kew Riverside but it does rather stand out as being illogically located.
  • But I find that their panacea to all the country's problems revolves around increased public spending and, illogically, reduced taxation, all brought about by cost savings.

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