Definition of impetuous in English:


Syllabification: im·pet·u·ous
Pronunciation: /imˈpeCH(o͞o)əs


1Acting or done quickly and without thought or care: her friend was headstrong and impetuous
More example sentences
  • But this administration seems intent on doing it in the most reckless, foolhardy and impetuous manner possible.
  • Surely, a matter of the leader of the party is too serious for an impetuous decision to be made and later taken back in the twinkling of an eye.
  • They say he is too impetuous, too rash, too impulsive.
impulsive, rash, hasty, overhasty, reckless, heedless, careless, foolhardy, bullheaded, headstrong, incautious, imprudent, injudicious, ill-considered, unthought-out;
spontaneous, impromptu, spur-of-the-moment, precipitate, precipitous, hurried, rushed
1.1Moving forcefully or rapidly: an impetuous but controlled flow of water
More example sentences
  • Standing on the bank of a canal together with other joyful dwellers of a clay town, the guardsman was watching the impetuous flow, a broad smile on his face.
torrential, powerful, forceful, vigorous, violent, raging, relentless, uncontrolled;
rapid, fast, fast-flowing, swift


late Middle English: from Old French impetueux, from late Latin impetuosus, from impetere 'to assail, attack'.



Pronunciation: /-ˌpeCHo͞oˈäsitē/
More example sentences
  • One small officer in his impetuosity dashed at the pig with his spear, missed him clean, and fell over on the top of him.
  • He lacks strategy and good judgment, and his quick temper and impetuosity too often get the better of him.
  • Perhaps they miss something of the impetuosity of the first movement of the Kreutzer, the violent physical impact that Beethoven brought to music (and which is anticipated in the fiery C minor sonata).


More example sentences
  • The Government arrogantly and impetuously forced postal voting on the region - against expert advice of the Electoral Commission - and is now reaping the ill wind of that misjudgement.
  • A flock of birds surges impetuously from the thickets and takes flight towards the windmills that decorate the landscape.
  • So a totally discredited source of energy is being imposed upon the country, simply because the government impetuously committed itself to it.


More example sentences
  • Unlike Michelle below, he can't even blame the impetuousness of youth.
  • It's associated with a fiery temper, with an uncontrollable individuality and impetuousness.
  • They're full of introspection and nostalgia lately, but the impetuousness that made their early records so enjoyable still burbles to the top on a pretty regular basis.

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