Definition of implement in English:


Syllabification: im·ple·ment


Pronunciation: /ˈimpləmənt
A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, especially as used for a particular purpose: agricultural implements
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  • Others were gardening, armed with clippers and other sharp implements.
  • The violence can be all too real with hammers, bombs and household implements being used to exact revenge.
  • Today, artists can use various implements to cut the blocks of wood.
informal gizmo
(implements)equipment, kit, tackle, accoutrements, paraphernalia


Pronunciation: /ˈimpləˌment
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Put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect: the regulations implement a 1954 treaty
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  • The final part of the plan was never fully implemented primarily due to the speed of the Russian advance.
  • The evidence based policies implemented by several governments in the West have not been widely introduced here.
  • Such communities have suffered through the policies implemented by this government.
execute, apply, put into effect, put into action, put into practice, carry out/through, perform, enact;
fulfill, discharge, accomplish, bring about, achieve, realize, actualize, phase in
formal effectuate


late Middle English (in the sense 'article of furniture, equipment, or dress'): partly from medieval Latin implementa (plural), partly from late Latin implementum 'filling up, fulfillment', both from Latin implere 'fill up' (later 'employ'), from in- 'in' + plere 'fill'. The verb dates from the early 18th century.



(also implementor /-ˌmentər/) noun
More example sentences
  • We are all certain that implementers will encounter such issues, so the request for assistance is valid.
  • Because there are no technical changes requested to the document, implementers can get ready to deploy.
  • The basic features of the logic implementer include generality of applications, easy-to-use environment, and robust, reliable interconnections

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