Definition of impregnate in English:

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Pronunciation: /imˈpreɡˌnāt/


[with object]
1Make (a woman or female animal) pregnant.
Example sentences
  • At 15 she qualified to live by herself under state care, and it was while she was living in a Surrey duplex that she was impregnated.
  • Scorning marriage, she drafted a body builder to impregnate her before casting him aside as irrelevant to her new role as liberated mother-artiste.
  • Out of work, and desperate for cash, Armstrong receives an offer from his ex-girlfriend, Fatima, that if he impregnates her, she will pay him handsomely.
make/get pregnant, inseminate, fertilize
informal get/put in the family way
vulgar slang knock up
informal datedget into trouble
archaic fecundate, get with child
1.1 Biology Fertilize (a female reproductive cell or ovum).
Example sentences
  • Abortion, or miscarriage, implies the premature expulsion of the contents of the impregnated Uterus.
  • There are thousands of millions of sperms that never impregnate eggs.
2 (usually be impregnated with) Soak or saturate (something) with a substance: wood that had been impregnated with preservative
More example sentences
  • I'm sure there isn't a non-smoker among us who hasn't wretched as they've been engulfed in a plume of smoke from someone walking past, the fumes impregnating their clothes and hair with that familiar stale smell.
  • Dr John Harrison, a climate expert from the University of Stirling, says crops will fail before the land is flooded as salt impregnates the soil.
  • The smell of urine so deeply impregnated the furnishings and floors of the dayrooms that it seemed ineradicable (not that anyone tried to eradicate it).
2.1Imbue with feelings or qualities: an atmosphere impregnated with tension
More example sentences
  • It was just really impregnated with this horrible, horrible atmosphere.
  • Rather than receding, the hunger to recall what's passed imbues meaning in everything, animating the inanimate, impregnating empty space, and bending time.



Pronunciation: /ˌimˌpreɡˈnāSH(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • Nevertheless, the vast majority of servants seem to have escaped impregnation - illegitimacy rates were low, between 2 and 5 per cent.
  • Don't be surprised if in your lifetime the majority of your peers will consider you loony (if not irresponsible) for leaving impregnation up to pure chance-that quaint practice of sexual reproduction.
  • I mean, it's the time of the month for me that is perfect for impregnation and we haven't used protection,’ she pointed out.


Early 17th century (in the sense 'fill'; earlier (Middle English) as impregnation)): from late Latin impregnat- 'made pregnant', from the verb impregnare.

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