Definition of inconsiderate in English:


Syllabification: in·con·sid·er·ate
Pronunciation: /ˌinkənˈsid(ə)rət


Thoughtlessly causing hurt or inconvenience to others: it’s inconsiderate of her to go away without telling us
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  • Brighton has the shops and the crowds, but not the hassle of impolite, inconsiderate and downright ignorant London shoppers.
  • Most of these accidents are caused by inconsiderate, selfish people who don't even insure their cars, and we are left to pay the bill.
  • In the fight against apathy, inconsiderate behaviour and disrespect, let's try to remember manners don't cost a thing.
thoughtless, unthinking, insensitive, selfish, self-centered, unsympathetic, uncaring, heedless, unmindful, unkind, uncharitable, ungracious, impolite, discourteous, rude, disrespectful;


late Middle English (originally in the sense 'not properly considered'): from Latin inconsideratus, from in- 'not' + consideratus 'examined, considered' (see considerate).



More example sentences
  • They are digging their own commercial grave, however, by inconsiderately parking their carts and display blankets in a way that leaves hardly any space for the walking public and, more particularly, moi.
  • Police have been given tough new powers to confiscate cars and motorbikes from so-called ‘boy racers’ who are caught driving carelessly or inconsiderately.
  • If people park inconsiderately, it can cause chaos as roads can become impassable.


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  • In Madras, where a middle-class commitment to civic order is still discernible, the yob's inconsiderateness and the policeman's complicity heralded anarchy.
  • It was an easy mistake to make; I nonchalantly with the oblivious inconsiderateness of youth, tossed a cigarette and a bottle of petrol into his garden.
  • I let the idiocy, carelessness and inconsiderateness of some drivers get to me.


Pronunciation: /-ˌsidəˈrāSHən/
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  • Maybe it's an escape from the outside world where many of us do battle with the small inconsiderations of strangers and the big ones of colleagues and businesses.
  • Those things are down to sheer inconsideration.
  • In the face of your inconsideration or unkindness, I may experience pain, indignation, chagrin, shame, annoyance, bashfulness and more besides.

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