Definition of incorporate in English:


Syllabification: in·cor·po·rate


Pronunciation: /inˈkôrpəˌrāt
[with object]
1Take in or contain (something) as part of a whole; include: he has incorporated in his proposals a large number of measures territories that had been incorporated into the Japanese Empire
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  • It was incorporated into the factory's main wastewater treatment scheme.
  • When completed, the balls are incorporated into other objects before they are sold, including trophies and lamp stands.
  • Nine previously unreported markers were incorporated into the integrated map.
absorb, include, subsume, assimilate, integrate, take in, swallow up
1.1Combine (ingredients) into one substance: add the cheeses and butter and process briefly to incorporate them
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  • Fold gently to incorporate ingredients but do not overmix.
  • Let sit two minutes, then whisk to melt and incorporate ingredients.
  • When this is fully incorporated, carefully fold in the rest.
blend, mix, mingle, meld;
combine, unite, join
2Constitute (a company, city, or other organization) as a legal corporation.
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  • The defendant corporation was incorporated under, and subsists under, the laws of Ontario and has its head office in the City of Toronto.
  • Typically, the corporate veil is pierced when the company is incorporated for an illegal, fraudulent or improper purpose.
  • But, if the company is incorporated abroad, English liquidators' ability to get in and realise the company's foreign assets will be very limited.


Pronunciation: /inˈkôrp(ə)rət
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1 another term for incorporated.
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  • The NATO and EU Department is incorporate in the Foreign Department.
  • All communal areas are maintained to an exacting standard and any such costs are incorporate as a set charge in the overall service charges.
2 literary Having a bodily form; embodied.
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  • Paul displays a profound understanding both of the incorporate person of Christ and of the church as the Body of Christ, the corporate vessel.
  • This training has allowed Kathryn the incorporate body/mind medicine concepts.


late Middle English: from late Latin incorporat- 'embodied', from the verb incorporare, from in- 'into' + Latin corporare 'form into a body' (from corpus, corpor- 'body').



Pronunciation: /-ˌkôrpəˈrāSHən/
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  • The point of distinction here is a deeper incorporation of the connections inherent in the web of life.
  • Our trade agreements are good for incorporations but they're not very good for working people around the world.
  • The Government has now changed its policy towards the small company by implying that incorporations have taken place merely to avoid tax.


Pronunciation: /-ˌrātər/
More example sentences
  • The names and addresses of its incorporators.
  • Most recently she was one of eight incorporators who developed the Nursing Career Center of CT, Inc. which began service in January 2001.
  • The eight incorporators of the Nursing Career Center of Connecticut are pleased to announce that the Center was recently incorporated.

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