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infinite Syllabification: in·fi·nite
Pronunciation: /ˈinfənət/

Definition of infinite in English:


1Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate: the infinite mercy of God the infinite number of stars in the universe
More example sentences
  • Since one can't draw a space/object of infinite size then one does the best to represent it.
  • We live on a tiny planet in a corner of a vast galaxy starred about with infinite space.
  • Since there's not an infinite amount of money, we have to choose.
1.1Very great in amount or degree: he bathed the wound with infinite care
More example sentences
  • Trust me, an infinite amount of people ask me what camera I use, and the advertising is surely worth more money than a measly 300 bucks or so.
  • Given the infinite amount of stuff out there it's pointless to pretend that you can experience it all, but I think it's wrong to not be bothered and just ignore it all.
  • Now, being able to look at my toes while standing upright will have absolutely no use of course, but it will give me an infinite amount of satisfaction.
1.2 Mathematics Greater than any assignable quantity or countable number.
Example sentences
  • One is an abstract philosophical point: infinite quantities and classical decision theory don't mix.
  • Mathematicians divide infinite sets into two categories, countable and uncountable sets.
  • The surprising answer is that there is an infinite number of Fibonacci numbers with any chosen number as a factor!
1.3 Mathematics (Of a series) able to be continued indefinitely.
Example sentences
  • He made substantial contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series.
  • An infinite series of contingent beings will be, to my way of thinking, as unable to cause itself as one contingent being.
  • Brouncker's mathematical achievements includes work on continued fractions and calculating logarithms by infinite series.
2 Grammar another term for nonfinite.
Example sentences
  • The infinite noun functions as nominative and as indefinite.
  • What I cannot grasp is how to determine if a sentence is finite or infinite.
  • In this case the modal auxiliary carries the tense, aspect and person; therefore, the verb that follows should be in its bare infinite, nonfinite form.


(the infinite) Back to top  
1A space or quantity that is infinite.
Example sentences
  • At the same time, there was an exhilarating account of the infinite in Georg Cantor's set theory.
  • He discusses the infinite, distinguishing between the potentially infinite and the actual infinite.
  • It is more complicated than the other axioms, and involves the infinite in a fundamental way.
1.1 (the Infinite) God.
Example sentences
  • You can see this brush of the infinite on the faces of anyone's who's mourning, even on the face of one who considers himself an agnostic, or an atheist.
  • Nothing finite, nothing bound up in this world, can compare to the infinite.
  • For Hooker, the joy of human encounter with the world lies in that the created order issues forth a call of the infinite.


Late Middle English: from Latin infinitus, from in- 'not' + finitus 'finished, finite' (see finite).



[as submodifier]: the pay is infinitely better
More example sentences
  • Herein, of course, lies the conundrum at the heart of all writings about this infinitely complex man.
  • It's like trying to forecast next week's weather, only infinitely more complex.
  • Real life can often be infinitely more complex and convoluted than any popular drama.


Pronunciation: /ˈinf(ə)nətnəs/
Example sentences
  • Since Islam forbids human representation in art, some artists create stylized human and animal forms along with geometric shapes and patterns to imply the infiniteness of God.
  • Some philosophers believe there is only one thing unending beyond death and the inconceivable infiniteness of the universe.
  • When the western frontier's apparent boundlessness was revealed as only ostensible - when lines were measured and laid down across it, disproving its infiniteness - this escape route was cut off.

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