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Pronunciation: /iNGk/


1A colored fluid used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating: the names are written in ink a picture executed in colored inks
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  • It involves showing people words printed in different coloured inks, and asking them to say what the colour of the ink was.
  • A number of the works on exhibit are drawings or collages done on paper in bright colored inks or pastels, which are framed in the conventional manner.
  • Personalised letters, coloured inks, free pens, promises of free gifts, and even gold or silver envelopes are now routinely used by the commercial sector to attract the attention of potential customers.
1.1 informal Publicity in the written media: the story got lots of ink and plenty of air time
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  • The US media is expending a lot of ink and air time evaluating the potential economic effects of George Bush's new tax-cut proposal.
  • Besides… where else could I chat with the public without paying for ink or air time?
  • The Bahama Journal gave them a lot ink.
1.2 informal A tattoo or tattoos: I took my shirt off to display my ink
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  • "My ink? Here, look," she said as she tugged her top up over her shoulders.
  • I like a chick with nice ink.
  • She just got some awesome ink on her ring finger.
1.3 Zoology A black liquid ejected by a cuttlefish, octopus, or squid to confuse a predator.
Example sentences
  • Sachets of deliciously black squid ink are available in fishmongers or delis such as Valvona & Crolla.
  • The risotto ‘Nero and Oro’ with the black squid's ink risotto with the gold leaf topping deserves a photo before you eat.
  • In a bowl, combine flour, milk and squid ink and mix well.


1 [with object] Mark (words or a design) with ink: the cork has the name of the château inked onto the side
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  • I held it's smooth wooden end and started to ink my thoughts onto parchment.
  • Iowa State Printing Services uses address software and equipment addresses are inked directly onto mail pieces instead of affixing labels to help departments qualify for these bulk rates.
  • Someone inks a beard over her ‘employee of the month’ photo.
1.1Cover (type or a stamp) with ink before printing: a raised image is inked to produce an impression
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  • And as the block was not inked for this procedure it is called blind printing.
  • Some would say a collagraph is an intaglio type of print created with a press, while an image taken from the raised, inked surface of a collage is called a collage relief print.
  • For a go-getter like Eileen, they had better get the plane warmed up and ready, and the Canadian Embassy should get the visa stamps inked!
1.2 (ink something in) Fill in writing or a design with ink: she inked in a cloud of dust
1.3 (ink something out) Obliterate something, especially writing, with ink: he carefully inked out each word
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  • ‘Words, phrases, entire lines were inked out,’ Hutson wrote.
  • Also underneath the table, there was a piece of parchment, lying face up; a messy scrawl was inked out.
2North American informal Sign (a contract): she’s just inked a deal to host her own talk show
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  • The Karnataka Government has inked the land lease and State support agreement thereby paving the way for the project to finally take off.
  • The contract was inked on October 26, 1995, at the kind of White House Oval Office signing ceremony that usually marks a major piece of legislation or a military or diplomatic pact.
  • For nearly a year, Boise based Albertson's had resisted inking a multiyear contract that included a heavy dose of new software.
2.1Secure the services of (someone) with a contract: he has been inked as host for next year’s ceremony
More example sentences
  • Yet here we are two weeks into the signing period and no team has made a peep regarding inking him to a contract.
  • He has already picked up its option to represent her, and is working on inking her to a recording contract.
  • Tampa Bay made St. Louis one of the team's highest paid players in the offseason, inking him to a two-year contract for $2.5 million.



Pronunciation: /ˈiNGkər/
Example sentences
  • Sheldon also worked directly for DC Comics, often as an inker of Curt Swan's art for Superman, and worked for Kane as a designer of his 1960 cartoon series, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.
  • Soon after, he became Jack Kirby's inker and later went on to a tidy career with Disney where, among other duties, he was the main designer of Winnie the Pooh stuff for the Disney Stores.
  • He began working as a background inker on the comic book Ghost Rider.


Middle English enke, inke, from Old French enque, via late Latin from Greek enkauston, denoting the purple ink used by Roman emperors for signatures, from enkaiein 'burn in'.

  • Roman emperors used a purple fluid for writing their signatures, which was called in Latin encaustum, from Greek enkaiein ‘to burn in’. Ink formed from this, reached English through French in the Middle Ages. The black liquid ejected by a cuttlefish to confuse predators has been called ink since the late 16th century.

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