Definition of inscribe in English:

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Pronunciation: /inˈskrīb/


[with object] (usually be inscribed)
1Write or carve (words or symbols) on something, especially as a formal or permanent record: his name was inscribed on the new silver trophy
More example sentences
  • He inscribed the word ‘boring’ across his recently written notes.
  • These were one liners written by groups of five poets who would each secretly inscribe a word on a slip of paper.
  • On their leaves he has inscribed words from Scottish ghost stories.
1.1Mark (an object) with characters: the memorial is inscribed with ten names (as adjective inscribed) an inscribed watch
More example sentences
  • Thousands of bones and tortoise shells were discovered there which had been inscribed with ancient Chinese characters.
  • He describes the frame's edges being inscribed with Japanese characters and expresses the wish to translate them.
  • The watches are inscribed with serial numbers.
1.2Write an informal dedication to someone in or on (a book): he inscribed the first copy “To my dearest grandmother.”
More example sentences
  • And our prize books were duly inscribed copies of the following three.
  • Mailer, disappointed to find that Buckley had apparently neglected to inscribe the book, promptly flipped through the index to see whether he had been mentioned.
  • The book is inscribed at the front as belonging to a Mrs Janet Maule and is dated 25 June, 1701, although recipes have been added over a number of years.
dedicate, address, name, sign
1.3 archaic Enter the name of (someone) on a list or in a book; enroll.
Example sentences
  • Their names were inscribed in the book of enrolment.
  • Our names will be inscribed in the books of ages!
  • ‘We inscribe them in the book of the saints, and establish that in all the church they be devoutly honoured among the saints,’ the Pope said in Spanish.
2 Geometry Draw (a figure) within another so that their boundaries touch but do not intersect: a regular polygon inscribed in a circle Compare with circumscribe.
More example sentences
  • It involves the solution of polygons given certain sides and angles between them, their mensuration, division by diagonals, circumscribing polygons around circles and inscribing polygons in circles.
  • Ptolemy calculated chords by first inscribing regular polygons of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 sides in a circle.
  • This he obtained by circumscribing and inscribing a circle with regular polygons having 96 sides.



Pronunciation: /inzˈkrībəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • Then the hexagon is inscribable in a circle if and only if the three pairs of opposite sides define isosceles trapezoids.
  • The new sequence is still inscribable in the same circle and with the same area.
  • All Archimedean solids are inscribable in a sphere.


Example sentences
  • The inscribers of Carlow will not be carving a new name on the Conlon Cup this year.
  • Rather, he is a writer-down of things: a recorder of thoughts and observations, an inscriber of lists and memoranda.
  • ‘G. F. Laughter 1896,’ etched in a dugway in what is now Canyonlands National Park, offers little but the name of an inscriber who may have been a sheepherder.


Late Middle English: from Latin inscribere, from in- 'into' + scribere 'write'.

  • scripture from Middle English:

    Latin scribere ‘to write’ is the source of scripture, literally ‘writings’, of scribe (Middle English) and inscribe (Late Middle English); script (Late Middle English) ‘something written’ and scribble (Late Middle English) ‘little writing’.

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