Definition of insistent in English:


Syllabification: in·sist·ent
Pronunciation: /inˈsistənt


1Insisting or demanding something; not allowing refusal: Tony’s soft, insistent questioning [with clause]: she was very insistent that I call her
More example sentences
  • They are also having great fun, absorbed in what they are doing, breaking off only to fire insistent questions at their teacher.
  • Despite Jake's insistent questions, he refused to explain the purchases.
  • Xavier's case has yet to be resolved and he is insistent that he did not knowingly take any banned drugs.
persistent, determined, adamant, importunate, tenacious, unyielding, dogged, unrelenting, tireless, inexorable;
demanding, pushy, forceful, urgent;
clamorous, vociferous;
1.1Regular and repeated, and demanding attention: a telephone started ringing, loud and insistent
More example sentences
  • Rena turns to Greg, demanding him to be silent with her insistent, steady glare.
  • It seems that at the heart of the Universe there is a steady, insistent beat.
  • It wasn't a friendly sounding knock, but an insistent one, that demanded attention.
incessant, constant, unremitting, repetitive;
obtrusive, intrusive, loud



More example sentences
  • He cannot understand why he is so sad but the film all too insistently offers a complete explanation.
  • They reject and demonize it, while insistently asserting their pride in their own superiority.
  • Lee's insistently flat pictorial fields are for the first time riddled with nervous energy.

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