Definition of interpolate in English:

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Pronunciation: /inˈtərpəˌlāt/


[with object]
1Insert (something of a different nature) into something else: illustrations were interpolated in the text
More example sentences
  • The viewer feels he has seen enough variety to allow the imagination to interpolate all potential additional variations.
  • Looks to me like your fantastic mother of a brain is interpolating multimodal evidence as to the physical air-blockage position in realtime.
  • By interpolating between imbalances differing by a pawn, it was possible to express the results in terms of fractions of a pawn.
insert, interpose, interject, enter, add, incorporate, inset, put, introduce
1.1Insert (words) in a book or other text, especially in order to give a false impression as to its date.
Example sentences
  • It would involve interpolating the word ‘only’ either before or after the words ‘taken in respect of the guarantee’.
  • In the case of Mrs Burdett, this seems unlikely: the extract fits neatly between other entries, written in the same handwriting, and so there is no evidence that it has been interpolated at a later date.
  • In my previous post on ‘under God,’ I missed the real meaning of the expression, as Lincoln and others used it - and so, by a wide mark, did the people who interpolated it in the Pledge.
1.2Alter (a book or text) by insertion of new material.
Example sentences
  • If I decrease the resolution to anything other than the native resolution, images and text are interpolated.
  • To make it so would be to interpolate into the text of the Refugee Convention definition of refugee an additional requirement of international condemnation.
  • Tear a page from a book and you may be able to interpolate.
1.3Interject (a remark) in a conversation: [with direct speech]: “I dare say,” interpolated her employer
More example sentences
  • Additionally, he tends to repeat these statements from week to week, waiting for the pause in the conversation so he can interpolate them.
  • I should interpolate that his friends generally read to him to save his eyes.
  • I pause to interpolate, the witness answers on the basis that it could have been.
1.4 Mathematics Insert (an intermediate value or term) into a series by estimating or calculating it from surrounding known values.
Example sentences
  • He would interpolate values between his data points and he did this using a cubic interpolation formula.
  • For the Hamiltonian matrix elements, spline-fitted functions of time were used to interpolate values from the trajectory calculations.
  • This means that instead of having to interpolate the values of neighbouring pixels the X3 sensor ‘sees’ full colour at individual pixel locations.



Pronunciation: /-ˌlātiv/


Early 17th century: from Latin interpolat- 'refurbished, altered', from the verb interpolare, from inter- 'between' + -polare (related to polire 'to polish').

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