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Syllabification: in·var·i·ant
Pronunciation: /ˌinˈverēənt


Never changing: the pattern of cell divisions was found to be invariant
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  • Skuladottir and Charnov collaborated on a paper in 2000 predicting that indeed there are invariant rules for sex change and presenting shrimp data to bolster their claim.
  • The open time constants are invariant to ligand concentrations, suggesting that ligand binds exclusively to the closed channel.
  • The results reveal 23 nonsynonymous changes and 127 invariant sites in total in the hinge region.


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A function, quantity, or property that remains unchanged when a specified transformation is applied.
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  • For example, in Euclidean geometry, the relevant invariants are embodied in quantities that are not altered by geometric transformations such as rotations, dilations, and reflections.
  • Under their direction he laid the basis for the important work he was later to achieve in the fields of foundations of geometry, projective geometry, topology, differential invariants and spinors.
  • At Freiburg, he took a course with Oskar Bolza on the theory of invariants, and a course on differential geometry and a history seminar with Alfred Loewy, one of the two professors at Freiburg.



More example sentences
  • The very invariance of the universal fossil sequence is the strongest argument against its production in a single gulp.
  • Others, notably James Clerk Maxwell, restricted their opposition to the attempts to apply the concept of natural selection outside the biological realm by pointing to the invariances of the microscopic world.
  • Hermeneutical realism is not a constructivism because the objects that we perceive to be real exhibit invariances that are not under our control.

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