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Syllabification: in·verse
Pronunciation: /ˈinvərs, inˈvərs


  • 1Opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or effect: the well-observed inverse relationship between disability and social contact
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    • The positive sign on this effect suggests that the inverse relationship between early support from the mother and adult depressive symptoms is less substantial among male respondents.
    • In theory, at least, this creates a direct, inverse relationship between the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.
    • A review of 20 international studies looking into the link between the use of the oral contraceptives and rates of bowel cancer found an inverse relationship.
  • 1.1chiefly Mathematics Produced from or related to something else by a process of inversion.
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    • He made major contributions to the inverse problem of Galois theory as well as to class field theory, thereby solving some long outstanding conjectures.
    • That is addition, multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.
    • The reconstructions of outlines corresponding to extreme individuals using the inverse Fourier transform are plotted on the PC1 - PC2 projection.


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  • 1Something that is the opposite or reverse of something else: his approach is the inverse of most research
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    • Video has always articulated itself as the negative inverse of television, the conscience of television, as Avital Ronell once put it.
    • Where many live albums sound more organic than their studio counterparts, the inverse is true here.
    • You take a verb, put un at the beginning, and get as result another verb that expresses the opposite or inverse of the action the original verb expressed.
  • 1.1 Mathematics A reciprocal quantity, mathematical expression, geometric figure, etc., that is the result of inversion.
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    • Those two pairs of mathematical inverses yield scores that are reciprocals of each other.
    • The coefficient on quantity exported represents the inverse of the residual demand elasticity, which is the main point of interest here.
  • 1.2 Mathematics An element that, when combined with a given element in an operation, produces the identity element for that operation.
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    • Group theory studies not a single structure, but a type of structure, the pattern common to collections of objects with a binary operation, an identity element thereon, and inverses for each element.
    • Existence of inverses there exist elements a and a ^ - 1 for every a such that a + = z and a x = e.
    • If the cull is sufficiently small, this response is given by an element of the inverse of the Jacobian matrix.



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  • With minor exceptions, film ratings appear to be inversely proportional to box office earnings.
  • The dip of the slab is related inversely to the velocity of convergence at the trench, and is a function of the time since the initiation of subduction.
  • Additional inclusion of regional effects showed that median income at the prefecture level was inversely related to self rated health.


late Middle English: from Latin inversus, past participle of invertere (see invert1).

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