Definition of irreversible in English:


Syllabification: ir·re·vers·i·ble
Pronunciation: /ˌi(r)rəˈvərsəb(ə)l


Not able to be undone or altered: she suffered irreversible damage to her health
More example sentences
  • Its repeal is a matter of urgency before irreversible damage is done to the energy market, the economy as a whole and to democracy itself.
  • The future effects are unknown, but drug experts fear they may include irreversible brain damage or mental illness.
  • And though it looks attractive, it causes irreversible liver damage to horses and cattle which eat it.
irreparable, beyond repair, irremediable, irrevocable, permanent;
unalterable, unchangeable, immutable, carved in stone;
Law peremptory



Pronunciation: /-ˌvərsəˈbilitē/
More example sentences
  • The young represent the irreversibility of time; they pose a standing threat of innovation and change.
  • I have shown that irreversibility can then lead to structure, to self-organization.
  • Bulgaria will always need a partnership that is to a degree a guarantee for the normal flow of processes and their irreversibility.


More example sentences
  • So, Petey, now you're irreversibly contaminated.
  • We acknowledge the need for development - in the shape of an outer relief road - not a road which will irreversibly damage the fabric of the town.
  • I just didn't realize that I'd be so irreversibly hooked so quickly.

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