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Syllabification: itch


[usually in singular]
1An uncomfortable sensation on the skin that causes a desire to scratch.
More example sentences
  • But shortly after Ben began eating his lunch, his child-care provider noticed he seemed to be trying to scratch an itch in his mouth.
  • Without them, we'd have a hard time scratching an itch or untying a knot.
  • I had full sensation - an absolute torment when you can't scratch an itch or move a cramped limb.
tingling, irritation, prickle, prickling, tickle, tickling, itchiness
1.1 informal A restless or strong desire: [with infinitive]: the itch to write fiction
More example sentences
  • Brig had a strong itch to be the first to teach her.
  • Seriously… I still have the itch to write a gossip/society column.
  • Personal relations have become restless, fretful, often disturbed by an itch for change and variety.
1.2 [usually with modifier] A skin disease or condition of which itching is a symptom.
More example sentences
  • Neuropathic itch occurs with any disease along the afferent neuronal pathway.
  • Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include sneezing, nasal itch, rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, postnasal drip, and sometimes pain.
  • Elimination of swimmer's itch means controlling the snails.
1.3 (the itch) informal Scabies.


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1Be the site of or cause an itch: the bite itched like crazy
More example sentences
  • They itch just like mosquito bites but without the big slow mosquito to squish.
  • The bite itched like the world, but I resisted the urge to scratch it.
  • Her head was itching like crazy and her hair felt lank and greasy.
tingle, prickle, tickle, be irritated, be itchy
1.1(Of a person) experience an itch.
More example sentences
  • Drinking more tea afterwards I realised I was itching all over, that's what happens when you crawl around in fibre glass insulated lofts.
  • Suddenly I became aware of the fact I was itching all over.
  • My teacher explained what it was all about and then left the room so I could show the doctor examples of where I'm itching.
1.2 informal Feel a restless or strong desire to do something: [with infinitive]: your hands itch to take the wheel
More example sentences
  • But Royer was a bit restless and was itching to ratchet things up a notch.
  • It was as if it was beckoning me outside and I itched to join it.
  • It has strong European flavours and is itching to be taken seriously.
long, yearn, ache, burn, crave, hunger, thirst, be eager, be desperate;
want, wish, desire, pine, fancy
informal have a yen, be dying


Old English gycce (noun), gyccan (verb); related to Dutch jeuk (noun) and Dutch jeuken, German jucken (verb).


an itching palm

informal An avaricious nature.

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