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Syllabification: jel·ly
Pronunciation: /ˈjelē

noun (plural jellies)

  • 1A sweet, clear, semisolid, somewhat elastic spread or preserve made from fruit juice and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.
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    • They made apple jelly with the apples from the orchard.
    • Tart lemon jelly and crumbly crumbles went very well together, I thought.
    • Pour the custard off and just eat the jelly.
  • 1.1Used figuratively and in similes to refer to sensations of fear or strong emotion: her legs felt like jelly
  • 1.2A condiment with a consistency similar to fruit jelly: roast duck with jalapeño jelly
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    • It came with a red pepper cassonade, crab ice cream and a sliver of passion fruit jelly.
    • For example, the process of creating jelly or jam from fruit was similar to pickling.
    • In this country port was as essential as redcurrant jelly, the two being combined in Francatelli's delicious sauce for venison.
  • 1.3A gelatinous savory preparation made by boiling meat and bones.
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    • There's hardly a bit of a pig you can't eat, from the head boiled up in a stewy soup to the trotters with their savoury jelly and morsels of meat.
    • It tasted like eating a hunk of quivering meat jelly.
    • Slow cooked, the sinew that makes meat tough becomes jelly.
  • 1.4Any substance of a gelatinous consistency: spermicidal jellies frogs lay eggs coated in jelly
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    • HIV positive women can use diaphragms and cervical caps for birth control, with spermicidal cream or jelly.
    • After peeling off outer skin, they polish it with castor oil, cactus jelly, curd, ghee and turmeric powder to make it smooth and slippery.
    • Spermicide comes as a foam, jelly, or cream, and kills sperm.
  • 1.5chiefly British A sweet, fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
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    • The Blackburn-based company has bought the soft fruit jellies business of Penguin Confectionery in a £428,000 deal.
    • The jelly is contained in a dome-shaped plastic cup with a peel off foil lid.
    • It is entirely possible that the jelly sweet stuck to his finger while he wet his finger to shine the ball.
  • 1.6 (jellies) Jelly shoes.

verb (jellies, jellied)

[with object] (usually as adjective jellied) Back to top  
  • Set (food) as or in a jelly: jellied cranberry sauce jellied eels
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    • We make great jellied salads, and we're okay with calling them ‘salads’ even though there isn't one lick of lettuce in them.
    • Preserves are made of small, whole fruits or uniform-size pieces of fruits in a clear thick, slightly jellied syrup.
    • I started to sprinkle the pudding with some jellied candies, and happily hummed a song as I went about doing it.



Pronunciation: /ˌjeləfiˈkāSHən/
More example sentences
  • As the ALGIN fails to penetrate the sphere in this method, jellification only occurs on the surface.
  • A Spanish Biotechnology company has developed a new jellification technology to manage reagents and reaction mixtures.
  • Preparations of it are used in the home manufacture of jam, jellies, and preserves to ensure jellification of fruit juices.


Pronunciation: /ˈjeləˌfī/
More example sentences
  • And two of the individual tales, though hardly jellifying, are sufficiently well crafted to be memorably eerie.
  • This year, it seems, Adrià has become obsessed with jellifying ingredients, and with the sensuality of food.
  • Then dribble over a little warmed thick stock or aspic which will cool and jellify.


More example sentences
  • Since the external appearance was clear, viscous, and jelly-like, this can be attributed to the presence of a cubic phase.
  • Gradually, the layer of sand at the bottom began to disappear, and the water became a thick, jelly-like substance.
  • Some type of unidentified green liquid is added to the mix, turning the liquid tofu into a jelly-like substance after several minutes.


late Middle English: from Old French gelée 'frost, jelly', from Latin gelata 'frozen', from gelare 'freeze', from gelu 'frost'.

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