Definition of jewel in English:


Syllabification: jew·el
Pronunciation: /ˈjo͞oəl


1A precious stone, typically a single crystal or a piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral, cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished for use as an ornament.
More example sentences
  • Choose from two sparkling, glittering nail stickers sprinkled with rhinestones and jewels.
  • There are photo frames and little jewel boxes in the shape of dolls and animals, all with sparkling jewels inset.
  • Her necklace was seen more visibly with the blue sapphire jewel glowing slightly.
gem, gemstone, (precious) stone, brilliant;
informal sparkler, rock
archaic bijou
1.1 (usually jewels) An ornament or piece of jewelry containing precious stones.
More example sentences
  • The fecund decorations are transplanted in the exquisitely designed gold-plated jewels embellished with precious stones.
  • There was a separate stall for jewels embellished with precious stones like pearls, ruby and emerald.
  • Your gowns and jewels and trinkets, all of those were very pricey.
1.2A hard precious stone used as a bearing in a watch, compass, or other device.
More example sentences
  • I twirled it between my index finger and thumb, watching the jewel give off bright rays when it passed a specific angle.
  • Her jewel was resonating a little, then returned to normal.
  • Fine blades of Chinese cabbage came with pumpkin seeds, little jewels of red pepper and just a breath of sweetness.
1.3A very pleasing or valued person or thing; a very fine example: she was a jewel of a nurse
More example sentences
  • Draped with some of the world's finest footballing jewels and still Italy have failed to truly sparkle.
  • Peterhof stands out like a jewel among the bland communist structures found in greater St. Petersburg.
  • His squad boasts but one jewel, the 23-year-old Phil Jagielka, but Warnock can look forward to a new contract and more cash should United advance.
finest example/specimen, showpiece, pride (and joy), cream, crème de la crème, jewel in the crown, masterpiece, nonpareil, glory, prize, boast, pick, ne plus ultra


Middle English: from Old French joel, from jeu 'game, play', from Latin jocus 'jest'.


the jewel in the (or one's) crown

The most valuable or successful part of something: science is the brightest jewel in the crown of our civilization
More example sentences
  • This has been the dilemma facing the FA as they once again tinkered with the jewel in their crown, the FA Cup this week.
  • Monopoly, however, is the jewel in their crown, one which they guard jealously.
  • Our reservoirs and surrounding countryside are the jewel in our crown when we play host to visitors and tourists.

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