There are 2 definitions of jigger in English:


Syllabification: jig·ger
Pronunciation: /ˈjiɡər


1A machine or vehicle with a part that rocks or moves back and forth, e.g., a jigsaw.
More example sentences
  • The newly-diagnosed disease causes fingers to turn white and numb as a result of using hand-held vibrating tools such as pneumatic drills and jigger picks.
  • Machines called jiggers and jolleys are used to make tableware in ceramics factories.
  • With a working width of 4.5 meters, the HT jigger is the largest such dyeing unit installed in Italy.
2A person who dances a jig.
3A small fore-and-aft sail set at the stern of a ship.
3.1A small tackle consisting of a double and single block or two single blocks with a rope.
More example sentences
  • What is needed is an incentive for fishers in New Zealand waters to use jiggers, a ban on trawling would do that.
  • And no squid is safe from the Seattle squid jiggers who flock to the docks at dusk and stay into the wee hours of the night, hoping to catch a few.
4A measure or small glass of spirits or wine.
More example sentences
  • Require the use of jiggers or pre-measured dispensing systems, and buy high-quality shot glasses with pour lines marked on them.
  • One drink is one can of beer, one glass of wine, or one jigger of hard liquor.
  • Use a jigger or similar device to ensure that the amount of alcohol is consistent.
5 Golf, dated A metal golf club with a narrow face.
More example sentences
  • Clubs were named rather than numbered so I have jiggers, cleeks, mashies, spoons [and] mussel-backs all represented in the sculpture.
6Used to refer to a thing whose name one does not know or does not wish to mention: see them little jiggers?
More example sentences
  • Despite the funny name, this little jigger has a top speed of 395 kph (250 mph in the old money) and does the 0-100 kph in an unbelievable 3.2 seconds.
  • To stick one of these little jiggers in the garage will set you back 2.6 million, or 2.7 fully loaded, as they say in the trade.
  • The power to weight ratio is incredible, and riding one of these jiggers goes down as my all-time most frightening buzz!


[with object] informal Back to top  
Rearrange or tamper with.
More example sentences
  • Feldstein mentions some revenue-neutral tax jiggering that could be stimulative, but that sounds like fairly ordinary tax policy stuff to me.
  • That didn't stop them from paying $1.63 billion this week for Overture, a company whose specialty is selling the ability to jigger search results.
  • It says it wants 10 percent minority representation, and then they have to jigger the system to figure out how to reach that number.


mid 16th century (originally a slang word for a door): from the verb jig (the relationship with which is obscure in certain senses).


well, I'll be (or I'm) jiggered

Used to express one’s astonishment.
More example sentences
  • People of Guildford, tell me what you believe in and care about… (pause)… well, I'll be jiggered; that's * exactly * what I believe in and care about!
  • Well, I'll be jiggered, look at the all the property you could buy cheap in York County!
  • Sometimes I says to myself, says I, ‘Well, I'll be jiggered!’

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There are 2 definitions of jigger in English:


Syllabification: jig·ger
Pronunciation: /


Variant spelling of chigger.

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