Definition of jingle in English:


Syllabification: jin·gle
Pronunciation: /ˈjiNGɡəl


1 [in singular] A light ringing sound such as that made by metal objects being shaken together.
More example sentences
  • All this happened at a time when other High Street retailers have been listening to the satisfying jingles of ringing cash registers.
  • Leaning back slightly, he felt the porcelain gun on the inside of his coat, rubbing against his side, and the light jingle of a jar of pills.
  • She pushed past him and the bell gave a light jingle once more.
clink, chink, tinkle, jangle, ding-a-ling, ring, ding, ping, chime, tintinnabulation
2A short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially as used in advertising.
More example sentences
  • An appropriate gift for the people of Taiwan, a ‘gift that goes on giving’ as the advertising jingle says, would be a true bill of rights.
  • They drive SUVs and talk in advertising jingles.
  • You can read about the escapade, with annoying advertising jingle here.
slogan, catchphrase;
ditty, song, rhyme, tune
informal earworm
3 (also jingle shell) A bivalve mollusk with a fragile, slightly translucent shell, the lower valve of which has a hole through which pass byssus threads for anchorage.
  • Family Anomidae: Anomia and other genera
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  • Where space permits, oysters and jingle shells sometimes anchor themselves to the horseshoe crab.


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1Make or cause to make a light metallic ringing sound: [no object]: her bracelets were jingling [with object]: he jingled the coins in his pocket
More example sentences
  • They walked down to the car that way, Aaron's keys jingling in his pocket.
  • Eva stood, flinging her arms up in the air, her bracelets jingling like tiny silver bells.
  • The group of sleigh bells hung above the door jingled merrily as Wendy and Samantha entered the general store.
clink, chink, tinkle, jangle, ring, ding, ping, chime
1.1 [no object] (Of writing) be full of alliteration or rhymes.


late Middle English: imitative.



More example sentences
  • What made them wake up one day and say to their fellow advertising executives, ‘Fire the jinglers and get some of those guys in accounting to take their places?’


Pronunciation: /ˈjiNGɡ(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • I mean, with all this jingly jangly jewel stuff in our pockets, we'd make a lot of noise, even swimming in the moat.
  • The jingly sound it makes brings back some painful memories for the crazy killer.
  • This book is beautifully presented and tied with a red ribbon complete with jingly bell.

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