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Syllabification: la·bi·al
Pronunciation: /ˈlābēəl


1chiefly Anatomy Of or relating to the lips.
1.1 Dentistry (Of the surface of a tooth) adjacent to the lips.
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  • The crests of the ectoloph run to stylar cusps on the labial side of the tooth.
  • The P4 has a small parastyle and the labial side of this tooth is longer than the lingual side.
  • Ankylosis is normally on the labial side of the tooth only, or on the labial side and at the bottom of the groove.
1.2 Zoology Of, resembling, or serving as a lip, liplike part, or labium.
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  • The organic particles are separated by size in sorting areas on the labial palps and are then directed into the mouth.
  • Expression is seen, however, in the tips of the antennae, maxillary and labial palps, and legs.
  • The only external structures are the labial palps; in some groups, there are sensory tentacles and photoreceptors at the edge of the mantle.
2 Phonetics (Of a consonant) requiring complete or partial closure of the lips (e.g., p, b, f, v, m, w), or (of a vowel) requiring rounded lips (e.g., oo in moon).
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  • That seems to be a complete invention, as both the sound and the video seem to me to indicate that there is a final labial consonant.


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A labial sound.
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  • Chapter 4 describes cases where coronals undergo assimilation but dorsals and labials do not.
  • I guess that the great typological difference in the use of labials can speak for the great genetic difference in AmerIndian languages.
  • Thus, the broad versus slender contrast may, in the weak voiced labials, be labelled as ‘w versus v’, but in the strong voiced labials as ‘round b versus spread b’.


late 16th century: from medieval Latin labialis, from Latin labium 'lip'.



sense 2 of the adjective.
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  • But some plurals are formed by labialising the first consonant of the stem, which is typical of Plateau languages, though not, curiously of Izere, its nearest neighbour.


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  • Each tab is sized and fastened to the wire mesh to permit the dentist to pull labially on the tab, forcing the wire mesh into interproximal spaces, against the lingual surfaces, in spite of crowding.
  • It was also seen that the tooth was placed too labially to attempt a closed eruption technique as the placement of orthodontic button would not allow primary flap closure.
  • The lower Incisor teeth in the Lengua, but not the upper ones, are more labially inclined than those of the Caucasoids.

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