Definition of lead the way in English:

lead the way

1Go first along a route to show someone the way.
More example sentences
  • Lance, still bursting with enthusiasm, led the way along the perimeter fence.
  • Businessman John Innes leads the way along a narrow dirt track, overgrown with chest-high grass and twisting vines, illustrating immediately the attraction to tourists keen to see for themselves the scenes of war.
  • She shrugs without much enthusiasm then leads the way along a narrow hallway.
guide someone, conduct someone, show someone the way
1.1Be a pioneer in a particular activity.
More example sentences
  • At present Europe leads the way in developing alternative and sustainable energy and in designing energy-efficient technologies from central heating to hi-fi systems.
  • Four York primary schools are leading the way in developing methods of teaching foreign languages to young children.
  • The US is leading the way, both in development of technology and take-up rates of internet commerce.
take the initiative, break (new) ground, blaze a trail, prepare the way, be at the forefront
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