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left wing

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(the left wing)
  • 1The liberal, socialist, or radical section of a political party or system.
    [with reference to the National Assembly in France (1789–91), where the nobles sat to the president's right and the commons to the left]
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    • Wales has always had strong left wing and radical political parties and leaders.
    • I don't know that anyone is in a position to do that and certainly not the left wing of the Labour Party.
    • He's stood for most of what the left wing of the Democratic Party has stood for since 1972.
  • 2The left side of a team on the field in soccer, rugby, and field hockey: his usual position on the left wing
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    • Zidane took a free-kick from the left wing that curled all the way to the far post.
    • Malouda is fouled on the French left wing but Ribery's free kick into the box comes to nothing.
    • Some slick passing by Chelsea in midfield releases Frank Lampard down the left wing.
  • 2.1The left side of an army: the Allied left wing
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    • Roughly the same time two divisions were sent by Lee to reinforce the left wing.
    • The commander of the left wing of the army eyed the approaching enemy formation with interest.
    • At Marston Moor, in 1644, he commanded the left wing of the royalist army.


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  • Keep in mind, folks, these statistics weren't compiled by a radical left-winger.
  • In pursuing this course, Mitterrand was in no sense acting as a left-winger or committed socialist.
  • That's why the communists and left-wingers are clinging to one another.

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