Definition of lenient in English:


Syllabification: le·ni·ent
Pronunciation: /ˈlēnēənt


1(Of punishment or a person in authority) permissive, merciful, or tolerant: judges were far too lenient with petty criminals
More example sentences
  • Lewis was banned from boxing after his act and for many, that punishment was too lenient.
  • He was always easygoing but not too lenient and he was always sweet but not sickeningly mushy.
  • There is no need for them to be lenient, nor are they expected to close their eyes to evil practices.
2 archaic Emollient.


mid 17th century (in sense 2): from Latin lenient- 'soothing', from the verb lenire, from lenis 'mild, gentle'.



More example sentences
  • However, Kansas law treats underage heterosexual sex more leniently than underage homosexual sex.
  • Technically he is out of the 2001 championship, but he is likely to be treated leniently by the Executive at tonight's meeting.
  • The speed limit is generally leniently enforced, and pilots are often allowed to travel faster to relieve possible congestion on runways.

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