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Syllabification: lid


1A removable or hinged cover for the top of a container: a large frying pan with a lid a garbage can lid
More example sentences
  • The removable lid of the two-chambered container supported the plant and was opaque.
  • A ghosting of orange eye shadow covered his lids and the slightest trace of orange lipstick made him look like a punk rocker.
  • After covering the containers with a lid, they were placed into a water bath at 40°C.
cover, top, cap, covering
1.1 (usually lids) An eyelid: eyes now hooded beneath heavy lids
More example sentences
  • They were a soft hazel, with heavy lids and dark circles beneath.
  • If lipstick looks too shiny on your eyelids, dust your lids with loose powder foundation to tone down the color.
  • She looked at him with wise, solemn blue eyes, hooded by delicate yet heavy lids.
1.2 Botany The operculum of a moss capsule.
1.3 informal A hat.


Old English hlid, of Germanic origin, from a base meaning 'cover'; related to Dutch lid.


blow (or take) the lid off

informal Reveal unwelcome secrets about: prosecutors have taken the lid off a multimillion-dollar payoff scandal
More example sentences
  • Sometimes the rule that lets us lift the lid on the nation's secrets comes up with humdrum stuff.
  • A lighthearted charity auction will lift the lid on the bathroom secrets of the stars next month to help autistic children - by auctioning autographed toilet seats.
  • The new committee also plans to lift the lid off Athy's secret and promote the waterways at a national level by advertising in national newspaper and magazines.
expose, reveal, make known, make public, bring into the open, disclose, divulge
informal spill the beans, blab

keep a (or the) lid on

informal Keep (an emotion or process) from going out of control: she was no longer able to keep the lid on her simmering anger
More example sentences
  • He was barely able to keep a lid on them, using secret police and brutal repression.
  • He fits the profile of the classic moderate New York Democrat, like his predecessor, who frequently fought to keep a lid on taxes in the city.
  • The only thing that kept the lid on everything was not the secret police or army but a system of intricate favours with just enough people lining their pockets and everyone owing the big man.
Keep secret: she keeps a very tight lid on her own private life
More example sentences
  • Yet competing media outlets, anxious to preserve their access, obligingly kept the lid on.
  • But who are the people who are keeping the lid on all this?
  • It's not just the reporters who are keeping a lid on all the good things going on.

put a (or the) lid on

informal Put a stop to or be the culmination of: it’s time to put the lid on all the talk
More example sentences
  • You have been very passive about something that is entirely within your control to put a lid on.
  • But now there will be no putting a lid on what will be a huge clamour for a windfall from customers who have every right to it.
  • The final decision was to put a lid on any further investigation of Jack the Ripper.



More example sentences
  • In 1886 Queen Ranavalona Ill sent two large textiles, a small bone pin, and a lidded fiber basket to President Grover Cleveland to commemorate his election.
  • Those of you who enjoy whittling green sticks into skewers can make damper bread, a traditional Australian bush bread that is either baked in a cast-iron lidded camp pot buried in the embers, or on sticks over the fire.
  • Alternatively, if you are using a lidded cast-iron casserole dish, you can cook the dish in the oven set to 150 C.


More example sentences
  • Thanks to the lidless litter section, trash is exposed and rotting.
  • That guy who used to play a lidless grand piano was always right in front.
  • In ancient days astronomers might have read ominous portends in that lidless eye.

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