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Syllabification: lin·den
Pronunciation: /ˈlindən


A deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves and fragrant yellowish blossoms, native to north temperate regions. The pale soft timber is used for carving and furniture. See also basswood.
  • Genus Tilia, family Tiliaceae: many species, including the American linden (T. americana) and the European linden (T. europaea)
More example sentences
  • He also appointed a three-person ‘parking commission,’ which supervised plantings of maple, poplar, linden, sycamore, elm, ash, and other species over the next decade.
  • They were replaced with maple, ash and linden trees, casting a shady background over undulating brick walks edged with primula to create a cool area on a hot sunny day.
  • I sit beneath the linden's heart-spread leaves, watch three starlings on the bird- bath watching me.


Old English (as an adjective in the sense 'made of wood from the lime tree'): from lind 'lime tree' (compare with lime3) + -en3, reinforced by obsolete Dutch lindenboom and German Lindenbaum.

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