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Syllabification: liq·uid
Pronunciation: /ˈlikwid


  • 1Having a consistency like that of water or oil, i.e., flowing freely but of constant volume.
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    • Gazpachos can thus range in consistency from very liquid to almost solid.
    • Most strippers have either a semi-paste or a thin liquid consistency, the premium agent of which is methylene chloride.
    • Allow the chocolate to melt over the hot water and stir it occasionally until it has achieved a liquid consistency.
    fluid, liquefied; melted, molten, thawed, dissolved; Chemistry hydrous
  • 1.1Having the clear shimmer of water: looking into those liquid dark eyes
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    • This lake, though looking as liquid as water, was not clear, but black.
    • My truth is warm liquid dark eyes and truly good people.
    • My attention shifted to Jason, who was currently looking straight at his cousin, his dark eyes pensive, liquid pools of thought.
  • 1.2Denoting a substance normally a gas that has been liquefied by cold or pressure: liquid oxygen
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    • There are a variety of less-polluting oil and gas fuels, including liquid petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas.
    • Frozen leaves were ground to a powder in a mortar with a pestle in the presence of liquid nitrogen in a cold room.
    • Therefore liquid hydrogen tanks would need to be much larger and at the same time stronger and insulated in order to hold the extremely cold liquid hydrogen.
  • 1.3Not fixed or stable; fluid.
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    • At times there are bursts of pure, liquid dance, at others performers are grabbing handfuls of skin and carrying each other around.
    • At the other extreme are flowing, liquid garments.
    • Now Kiefer was demonstrating a jump shot and his body was pure grace and liquid movement.
  • 2(Of a sound) clear, pure, and flowing; harmonious: the liquid song of the birds
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    • Pure liquid trills of a Bulbul coming from some nearby tree bought a smile of delight to his lips.
    • From the clipped liquid sounds it spoke I'd guess it had gotten little more than half the sounds I'd spoken.
    • The gentle liquid sound of the pool was louder when the wind came.
    pure, clear, mellifluous, dulcet, mellow, sweet, sweet-sounding, soft, melodious, harmonious
  • 3 Phonetics (Of a consonant, typically l and r) produced by allowing the airstream to flow over the sides of the tongue, and able to be prolonged like a vowel.
  • 4(Of assets) held in cash or easily converted into cash.
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    • All are short-term, highly liquid assets that can easily be converted into cash and used as currency.
    • Ten percent of it must be in the form of Singapore government securities, with the rest in the form of cash or other liquid assets.
    • The best asset plays are those that hold large chunks of cash, liquid investments and property - items that are readily re-usable or re-saleable.
    convertible, disposable, usable, spendable
  • 4.1Having ready cash or liquid assets.
  • 4.2(Of a market) having a high volume of activity.
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    • The capital return is predictable, the market is highly liquid, the costs are low, the likelihood of trading statement shock avoided and returns of capital as good as guaranteed.
    • Depository receipts are typically used to allow a stock to trade on a more lucrative, more exposed, more liquid market.
    • Swan attributes this to better yields in Britain, lower vacancy rates and transaction costs and a more liquid market in general.


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  • 1A liquid substance: drink plenty of liquids
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    • Drink plenty of liquids, such as water, juice or tea.
    • First, you should always drink plenty of liquids (water is the best).
    • The common glycols are colorless liquids with specific gravities greater than that of water.
    fluid, moisture; liquor, solution, juice
  • 2 Phonetics A liquid consonant.
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    • Indeed, the poems themselves employ a vocabulary of linguistics: plosive, liquids, vocables, vowels, consonants.



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  • Exterior landscape and architecture liquidly transition into shots of the actors.
  • The multistrand material, which glistened almost liquidly, turned out to be grounding braid, more commonly used by electricians than by artists.
  • Silently he began moving his hands liquidly as he spoke.


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  • But perhaps ‘established trade practice’ in the hair products industry puts the line between solid and liquid directly between the solidy liquidness of shampoo and the liquidy solidness of gel.
  • Every movement of the eyeball becomes exaggerated, and there's a liquidness to the lens itself.
  • Her studio is a laboratory in which she experiments with various color combinations, degrees of liquidness, and/or tighter or looser intervals between wider or narrower bands and streaks.


late Middle English: from Latin liquidus, from liquere 'be liquid'.

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