Definition of local time in English:

local time

Syllabification: lo·cal time


1Time as reckoned in a particular region or time zone.
More example sentences
  • The candlelit vigils began Sunday night in New Zealand and circled the world, starting at 7 p.m. local time, in each time zone.
  • This allows the spacecraft to pass over different regions of Earth at the same local time.
  • We translate the UTC reference time to our local time by adding or subtracting the hours that correspond to our time zone.
1.1Time at a particular place as measured from the sun’s transit over the meridian at that place, defined as noon.
More example sentences
  • Cassini's tables of Jupiter's moons were used to determine longitudes by providing a universal time with which to compare the local time at various positions on the Earth.
  • For longitude, Hipparchus proposed a zero meridian through Rhodes, with east/west distances from this line determined by comparing the local time of a place with an absolute time.
  • The dog, wherever in the world its ship was at that moment, would then obligingly yelp and the mariner could then note the local time and so find his longitude.

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