Definition of magistracy in English:


Syllabification: mag·is·tra·cy
Pronunciation: /ˈmajəstrəsē

noun (plural magistracies)

1The office or authority of a magistrate.
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  • Yet monarchies might still be democracies according to Bodin, if the prince allows all of the people to have access to magistracies and State offices without regard for nobility, wealth, or virtue.
  • The most extensive privileges were enjoyed by the nobility and clergy, but guilds, municipalities, professional bodies like those of magistracies, and provinces also had their own prerogatives.
  • Apart from the traditional magistracies, his only posts were those of imperial legate in Italy (an innovation of Hadrian), in his case in Etruria and Umbria, where he owned land, and proconsul of Asia.
1.1 (the magistracy) Magistrates collectively.
More example sentences
  • If they must tackle it with purpose, they will need back-up from the laws applicable to illegal guns, and from the magistracy and judiciary.
  • They had less involvement in the gentry-dominated magistracy, which completely controlled the county police until 1888.
  • Hopefully they will then apply to become magistrates, thus enabling the magistracy to benefit from the wide variety of skills, cultures, life experience and backgrounds that can be found in every community throughout our country.

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