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main line1

Syllabification: main line


1A chief railroad line: [as modifier]: a main-line station
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  • The Alcan company shipped its bauxite from Port Esquiville, a short distance from Bodies, utilising the existing main-line railway.
  • At the same time, 24 major projects were successfully achieved and BR became the only profitable main-line railway in Europe.
  • Virgin main-line trains made additional stops, too.
1.1North American A chief road or street.
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  • This applied particularly to the main lines of turnpike road constructed before 1811.
  • Each main line busway passenger must pay Rp 2,500 for a one-way trip.
  • At first I was riding the main line through the braking bumps, and the suspension, as always, was still super smooth.
1.2 informal A principal vein as a site for a drug injection.


(mainline) [with object] informal Back to top  
Inject (a drug) intravenously: Mariella mainlines cocaine five to seven times a day
More example sentences
  • Her performance electrifies the story of the model who died of the virus she probably picked up by mainlining heroin.
  • It begins with the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, mainlining on a 7% solution of cocaine.
  • She had mainlined morphine, but never more than 10 cc.



More example sentences
  • Except for age, there are significant differences between mainliners and fundamentalists on all independent variables.
  • But the mainliners are quiet - and their numbers are diminishing so fast, they're not sure they'd be heard if they screamed.
  • Most mainliners do not view modern culture as inherently inimical to religious belief.

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