There are 2 main definitions of map in English:

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map 1

Pronunciation: /map/


1A diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea showing physical features, cities, roads, etc. a street map figurative expansion of the service sector is reshaping the map of employment
More example sentences
  • The discovery of the city wall remains was not a surprise to the City Council as maps had pinpointed Peter Street as a location for the historic ruins.
  • You have to identify a street with a name, using a map or a road sign.
  • There have been no measures initiated nor a road map charted out, to rectify such fiscal imbalances and to restore balance for long term growth.
1.1A two-dimensional representation of the positions of stars or other astronomical objects.
Example sentences
  • She reached in and pulled out a solar map, with one star highlighted.
  • He looked at the star maps to see if there were any habitable planets or moons in the area.
  • The Southern Fish is usually depicted on star maps at the feet of Aquarius, where it swallows up the water poured from his urn.
1.2A diagram or collection of data showing the spatial arrangement or distribution of something over an area: an electron density map
More example sentences
  • The blue-colored image above shows some low-resolution electron density maps of the holoenzyme.
  • The DLSM spatial maps of the fluctuation decay rates of the imaged cells confirm this finding.
  • The radiolabelled object is then exposed to a photographic emulsion to obtain a map of radionuclide distribution.
1.3 Biology A representation of the sequence of genes on a chromosome or of bases in a DNA or RNA molecule.
Example sentences
  • Generation of entire chromosomal maps has been a central problem in genetics right from its early years.
  • The od gene on the Z chromosome of the classical map of the silkworm is located on group 3.
  • Lines below the chromosomal map indicate the deleted region with the arrow pointing in the direction of the deletion.
1.4 Mathematics another term for mapping.
Example sentences
  • This work gave an algebraic classification of maps from polyhedra to spheres.
  • It is generally regarded as a study of the iteration of maps, of time evolution of differential equations, and of group actions on manifolds.
  • Two algebraic varieties are said to be equivalent if there is a one-to-one correspondence between them with both the map and its inverse regular.
2 informal, dated A person’s face.
Example sentences
  • After an initial fit of entitlement, Ralph went and looked at his sister, his face a sorrowful map of genuine concern.
  • He placed a claw against her lips, his face a map of exhaustion, but with a gentle smile.

verb (maps, mapping, mapped)

[with object]
1Represent (an area) on a map; make a map of: inaccessible parts will be mapped from the air
More example sentences
  • Has he seen the extent of the flood plain in a one in a 100-year flood in this area, as mapped by the Environment Agency?
  • This system maps an area, showing where objects, that might be mines, are.
  • The act gives ramblers the right to walk freely across mapped areas of open country, including mountains, moors and registered common land.
chart, plot, delineate, draw, depict, portray
1.1Record in detail the spatial distribution of (something): the project to map the human genome
More example sentences
  • To achieve this goal we map the spatial distribution of volcanic seismic facies units.
  • One of the promises of the human genome project which identified and mapped the genes on our chromosomes was that it could help to target medications better.
  • Or, mapping the human genome could be judged as the greatest advance in the history of our species since we stood up on two legs.
1.2Associate (a group of elements or qualities) with an equivalent group, according to a particular formula or model: the transformational rules map deep structures into surface structures
More example sentences
  • In particular, the k coloring problem can be mapped directly onto a model of a magnetic system in solid-state physics.
  • We reported on this issue in our first investigative piece, when we found that the behavior maps to a specific position of the view camera.
  • It would be possible to work through the classification describing how each kind of loop maps into different spatial and temporal orderings.
1.3 Mathematics Associate each element of (a set) with an element of another set.
Example sentences
  • These latent variables are essential for linkage mapping and association mapping.
1.4 [no object] Be associated or linked to something: it is not obvious that the subprocesses of language will map onto individual brain areas
More example sentences
  • For instance, if lattice dimensions are N x, N y, N z and N t and the dimensions of the machine are n x, n y, n z and n t, then the number of lattice points mapped on to a node will be N x/n x * N y/n y * N z/n z * N t/n t.
  • Although Riemann had given a proof of the theorem that any simply connected region of the plane can be mapped conformally onto a disc, his proof involved using the Dirichlet problem.
  • Cantor showed in 1878 that the unit interval I can be mapped bijectively onto the unit square I 2.



off the map

(Of a place) very distant or remote: just a hick town, right off the map
More example sentences
  • Sakhalin is off the map, a fleck on the flank of Asia.
  • The filmmaker sought to examine the mental stress experienced by the population in a place off the map or at the world's end.

put something on the map

Bring something to prominence: the exhibition put Cubism on the map
More example sentences
  • I want to put the city back on the map and bring people from other parts of the country and see something different here.
  • We're disappointed not to get through but it puts our club on the map again.
  • I want to put this club on the map and, hopefully, turn Molesey into a footballing name.

wipe something off the map

Obliterate something totally.
Example sentences
  • The US already has enough firepower to wipe a nation off the map and kill millions upon millions of people.
  • He exterminates his enemies and wipes whole tribes off the map.
  • More than a few times I shouted angrily and cursed the opposition as they came flying down with superior aerial units to wipe my units off the map near the 30-second mark.

Phrasal verbs

map something out

Plan a route or course of action in detail: I mapped out a route over familiar country near home
More example sentences
  • Previously, the dirt and turf courses were mapped out in detail while receiving devices were installed that would track the transmitter.
  • Then a route was mapped out to take in as many different species and articles of interest as possible.
  • If we uncover the road, we will have to map it out and give the details to the county archaeologist.
outline, set out, lay out, sketch out, trace out, rough out, block out, delineate, detail, draw up, formulate, work out, frame, draft, plan, plot out, arrange, design, program



Example sentences
  • This appears to be the mapless voyage of the Conservative Party, now wondering if they should boldly go to that land into which they said they would never stray - namely Europe and the euro.
  • Having started early so we wouldn't be too late, our mapless path only partly resembled chaos as depicted by a two-year-old left alone for an hour in a large white room with a big black crayon.
  • And for foreign visitors, who have only had access to the country for the last ten years, it might as well be a mapless frontier.


Example sentences
  • The conservative project, to the degree that it still exists in a meaningful sense, exists in massive tension with neo-liberalism, and much of the contradictions of our world are mappable along this point of fracture.
  • Is it hopelessly romantic to trust that human life, for all its knowable genetic specificities, lies in those larger territories, beyond commerce, for which there are no mappable equivalents?
  • Work in the Appalachians has demonstrated the degree to which the implicit assumption, that shortening is accomplished by displacement on mappable fault planes, can lead to severe underestimates of the amount of shortening.


Example sentences
  • Last year farmers blocked access to the vegetation mappers.
  • Matthews, a previous Pulitzer nominee for Where The Buffalo Roam, is a meticulous mapper of Manhattan's diverse animal population.
  • Soon, political mappers will know more about you than the Department of Homeland Security.


Early 16th century: from medieval Latin mappa mundi, literally 'sheet of the world', from Latin mappa 'sheet, napkin' + mundi 'of the world' (genitive of mundus).

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There are 2 main definitions of map in English:

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