There are 3 definitions of media in English:


Syllabification: me·di·a
Pronunciation: /ˈmēdēə


1 plural form of medium.
2 (usually the media) [treated as singular or plural] The main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively: [as modifier]: the campaign won media attention
More example sentences
  • Politicians should know by now that newspapers or the media do not campaign for any one at all.
  • It is often only the big, single-issue campaigns that capture the media's attention and excite the public.
  • Of course, the most extreme views tend to make the best headlines, so they get all the media and public attention.
the press, the fourth estate, the news, the papers; broadcasting, publishing; big media; citizen journalism


The word media comes from the Latin plural of medium. The traditional view is that it should therefore be treated as a plural noun in all its senses in English and be used with a plural rather than a singular verb: the media have not followed the reports (rather than has not followed). In practice, in the sense ‘television, radio, the press, and the Internet, collectively,’ media behaves as a collective noun (like staff or clergy, for example), which means that it is now acceptable in standard English for it to take either a singular or a plural verb. The word is also increasingly used in the plural form medias, as if it had a conventional singular form media, especially when referring to different forms of new media, and in the sense ‘the material or form used by an artist’: there were great efforts made by the medias of the involved countries about 600 works in all genres and medias were submitted for review.

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There are 3 definitions of media in English:


Syllabification: me·di·a
Pronunciation: /

noun (plural mediae /-dēˌē, -dēˌī/)

1 Anatomy An intermediate layer, especially in the wall of a blood vessel.
More example sentences
  • This sheet was placed around a tubular support to produce the media of the vessel.
  • Alternatively, thickness of the carotid intima and media may be measured by using ultrasound.
  • Some veins do not possess smooth muscle fibers and, as a result, do not have a tunica media.
2 Phonetics A voiced unaspirated stop; (in Greek) a voiced stop.
[ mid 19th century: from Latin, feminine of medius 'middle']


late 19th century: shortening of modern Latin tunica (or membrana) media 'middle sheath (or layer)'.

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There are 3 definitions of media in English:


Syllabification: Me·di·a
Pronunciation: /ˈmēdēə
An ancient region of Asia, southwest of the Caspian Sea, corresponding approximately to present-day Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran, and northeastern Iraq.



More example sentences
  • One emphasizes Cyrus' Median heritage; the other, his Persian rule.

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