Definition of memorable in English:


Syllabification: mem·o·ra·ble
Pronunciation: /ˈmem(ə)rəb(ə)l


Worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual: this victory was one of the most memorable of his career
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  • Identify colours, images, themes and a name that works for you and is easily memorable.
  • This is why if something memorable happens you may remember it years down the line.
  • His most memorable moment of the trek came not at the very summit, but on the way up.
unforgettable, indelible, catchy, haunting;
momentous, significant, historic, notable, noteworthy, important, consequential, remarkable, special, signal, outstanding, extraordinary, striking, vivid, arresting, impressive, distinctive, distinguished, famous, celebrated, renowned, illustrious, glorious


late 15th century: from Latin memorabilis, from memorare 'bring to mind', from memor 'mindful'.



Pronunciation: /ˌmem(ə)rəˈbilətē/
More example sentences
  • Advertising values memorability and pattern recognition, and those things are pleasures, but difficulty and novelty and freshness are also pleasures.
  • But sensationalism is no guarantee of lasting memorability.
  • Well, it's always said that one of the tests of a poet is memorability.


More example sentences
  • It was Mark Twain who memorably remarked that a banker is the sort of man who lends you his umbrella on a sunny day.
  • We know nations are not built by militaries: as Talleyrand memorably said, the one thing you can't do with a bayonet is sit on it.
  • Most memorably of all there is a love letter to his home town.

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