Definition of mendacious in English:


Syllabification: men·da·cious
Pronunciation: /menˈdāSHəs


Not telling the truth; lying: mendacious propaganda
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  • It is an outright lie, a fabrication by a mendacious and unscrupulous writer.
  • He wanted me to know the sort of country I was living in and what was going on around me, in defiance of the chronically mendacious official propaganda.
  • Overall, Wittenberg portrays him as a petty, hypocritical, mendacious man whose primary focus was self-promotion.
untrue, fictitious, falsified, fabricated, fallacious, invented, made up
vulgar slang full of crap
literary perfidious


early 17th century: from Latin mendax, mendac- 'lying' (related to mendum 'fault') + -ious.



More example sentences
  • Everything will be done,’ he told a colleague from the newspaper mendaciously.
  • Obviously this is mendaciously disingenuous coming from the erstwhile Prince of Darkness who has torpedoed many a career with anonymous briefings to journalists.
  • You cannot let them, as the old legal adage has it, mendaciously cry ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.


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  • From the beginning of the fourteenth century, Dominican theologians in Italy had attacked poetry for its mendaciousness and corrupting influence, while early humanists had viewed it as a divine science and form of theology.

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