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Syllabification: mesh
Pronunciation: /meSH


  • 1Material made of a network of wire or thread: mesh for fishing nets finer wire meshes are used for smaller particles
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    • They have been ordered to fence off the funfair from the hazardous buildings with a two metre high wire mesh fence.
    • The 30 ft long wire mesh fence - similar to those used at tennis courts - is a last-ditch attempt to end more than five years of harassment from a gang of youths.
    • Activist documents gave detailed instructions on how to cut through the toughest of wire mesh fences.
  • 1.1The spacing between the individual strands that form mesh: if the mesh is too big, small rabbits can squeeze through
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    • The Bird Castle offers protection to smaller birds which can enter through the two-inch mesh, but the holes are small enough to keep out cats or birds of prey like kestrels.
    • Particles can stick to collagen fibrils or they can be hindered by the size of the mesh spacing between the fibrils.
    • When the net is close to the shore the men pull quickly to land the bag of the net, which traps the fish in its 4-inch mesh.
  • 2An interlaced structure: cell fragments that agglutinate and form intricate meshes
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    • The first and more predominant structure was a mesh of filaments measuring 10 to 15 nm in diameter, which is typical of amyloid.
    • The nest is woven from growing or fresh grass; as the materials dry, they shrink and strengthen the mesh of the woven structure.
    • The floor was a mesh of metal grids that were uncomfortable to stand on.
  • 2.1 [in singular] Used with reference to a complex or constricting situation: the raveled mesh of events and her own emotions
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    • The most egregious of these is the tendency, exemplified by Norm and Omar, to abstract a situation from the mesh of geopolitical considerations in which it is embedded and reduce it to a stark moral question.
    • First, it is in setting up such a wonderfully constructed and complex mesh of relationships among the inhabitants of his fictional village, and then never introducing conflict between them.
    • Together, they are caught in a mesh of crosses and double-crosses like a shoal of herring thrashing around in a net.
  • 2.2 Computing A set of finite elements used to represent a geometric object for modeling or analysis.
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    • The finite element mesh subdivides the geometry into elements, upon which are found nodes.
    • A typical finite element mesh retrieved by the software is shown in Figure 3.
    • The shown numerical solutions were for meshes with 1100 elements.
  • 2.3 Computing A computer network in which each computer or processor is connected to a number of others, especially as an n-dimensional lattice.
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    • Add a little mesh networking as described last week, and the number of people served could be increased by an order of magnitude.
    • Through a process called Border Discovery, a mesh network can find more efficient paths to remote resources.
    • In this model, a customer would pay a subscription to a service provider who would in turn pay the mesh network provider in the area involved.


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  • 1 [no object] (Of the teeth of a gearwheel) lock together or be engaged with another gearwheel: one gear meshes with the input gear
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    • That gear meshes with three planet gears which in turn drive a second sun gear attached to the pinion shaft.
    • The patent then goes on to the patentee's special idea of an additional ‘oil pulley’ which meshes with a special extra set of teeth on the other side of the timing belt.
    • The output pinion of the traverse gearbox meshes with the gear rack segment attached to the carriage body, providing 800 mils of traverse.
    engage, connect, lock, interlock
  • 1.1Make or become entangled or entwined: [no object]: their fingers meshed [with object]: I don’t want to get meshed in the weeds
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    • He could almost feel her warmth as he imagined her leaning against his body, her delicate frame meshing with his flawlessly, and his heart beating with hers - in time.
    • This is important because when evaluating a pulley system, for instance, the cables should be meshed as beam elements and the pulleys as bricks.
  • 1.2Be in or bring into harmony: [no object]: her memory of events doesn’t mesh with the world around her
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    • They also will work with the annual budget so proposals mesh with agency policy objectives and plans.
    • But over the years, one man's cattle raider has become another man's freedom fighter, and the Rob Roy story has been skewed to mesh with the rise of Scottish nationalism.
    • Trusting in the mystery that will lead me to whatever books will mesh with my current (non-academic) learning needs.
    harmonize, fit together, match, dovetail
  • 2 [with object] Represent (a geometric object) as a set of finite elements for computational analysis or modeling.
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    • The geometry is meshed with a mapping algorithm or an automatic free-meshing algorithm.


in mesh

(Of the teeth of gearwheels) engaged.
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  • Said rotating gearwheels have regions, which are axially separated from one another and are in mesh in each case with one of the two adjusting gearwheels.
  • The teeth on a gearwheel are of course never a precise fit in the troughs defined between the teeth of a gearwheel with which it is in mesh, since this would render rotation of the two gearwheels impossible.
  • The first and the end gearwheels 141 and 145 are in mesh with the motor pinion.



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  • This results in a concept known as ‘blocking’, a common trait of a meshed network made up of smaller port count switches.
  • Normally, you would say that it is a meshed instrument designed to catch fish.
  • The new facility consists of cell blocks that are - they have sort of meshed steel walls, very strong steel mesh.


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  • It's white, it's meshy, it's gonna be ultra cute and rather revealing.
  • Take squares of any meshy fabric (you want it to be porous), and spoon scoops of oatmeal or dried lavender onto the centers.
  • I was using 20 mm needles to get a meshy hammocky look and the thought of trying to get my gauge with needles that large gives me the willies.


late Middle English: probably from an unrecorded Old English word related to (and perhaps reinforced in Middle English by) Middle Dutch maesche, of Germanic origin.

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