Definition of metallography in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌmedlˈäɡrəfē/


The descriptive science of the structure and properties of metals.
Example sentences
  • The austenite-pearlite reaction Pearlite is probably the most familiar micro structural feature in the whole science of metallography.
  • With the advent of metallography, and as the body of knowledge pertinent to cast iron increased, other classifications based on microstructural features became possible.
  • It is built up of a number of crystals of the same composition, given the name ferrite in metallography.



Pronunciation: /-fər/
Example sentences
  • One small group of metallographers and materials scientists clearly had a valuable impact on our progress.
  • Historically, metallographers have attached grinding papers or polishing cloths to platens in several ways.
  • This allows the metallographer to analyze the data while it is being displayed in real time on the cathode ray tube.


Pronunciation: /ˈmetl-əˈɡrafik/
Example sentences
  • A high standard of metallographic preparation is required; examination under oblique light at low magnifications is usually most informative.
  • In addition, through systematic studies of metallographic structure, the researcher can determine general manufacturing techniques to establish a baseline and thus identify variations.
  • The products of the transformation, whether ferrite, pearlite or bainite, are partly determined from isothermal diagrams, and can be confirmed by metallographic examination.


Pronunciation: /ˌmetl-əˈɡrafikəl/
Example sentences
  • The software created for digital metallographical method evaluates all characteristics of carbides morphology.
  • It was predicted from metallographical observation that the critical cavity radius of transition in growth mechanism from diffusion-controlled to plasticity-controlled would exist.
  • The Metalloscope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for metallographical inspection of metals in laboratory or in-site.


Pronunciation: /ˌmetl-əˈɡrafik(ə)lē/
Example sentences
  • These were mounted parallel to the plane of the sheet and metallographically prepared in the conventional way.
  • Low magnification view of the particle array in cross-section after being metallographically polished.
  • Using metallographically finished plate samples carbide phases were detected and identified.
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