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Syllabification: met·a·mer·ic
Pronunciation: /ˌmetəˈmerik


1 Zoology Of, relating to, or consisting of several similar segments or somites.
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  • Indeed, there is: somites in metameric animals usually form sequentially from a posterior growth zone, a process found again in all three branches of the bilaterians.
  • The term iteration is used to denote processes that result in both metameric segments and repeated ectodermal skeletal structures.
  • Notably, the oldest known Early Cambrian chordate Yunnanozoon had its metameric muscular units located dorsally of the notochord, although its body was laterally compressed.
2 Chemistry, dated Having the same proportional composition and molecular weight, but different functional groups and chemical properties; isomeric.
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  • And chemists use meta - to differentiate certain metameric chemical compounds (such as metacresol, paracresol, orthocresol).



Pronunciation: /ˈmetəmər/
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  • While most vegetative metamers have short internodes, metamers that form at the end of the vegetative phase have elongated ones.
  • Although we did not monitor leaf loss, we did not find a differential influence of ozone on internode length and number of metamers, since both of these parameters changed in parallel to shoot length.
  • Finally, a linear relationship was established between the total number of extended metamers per branch in year 2 and the number of axillary annual shoots developed from these metamers in year 3.


Pronunciation: /məˈtaməˌrizəm/
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  • On the other hand, we cannot rule out that full metamerism evolved as a progressively coordinated repetition of organs and intermediate situation can still exist in extant organisms.
  • Tagmosis can ultimately lead to the outright fusion of neighbouring segments and the loss of apparent metamerism, as seen for the arthropod head.
  • Most provocative of all the Ediacaran forms are those exhibiting real or apparent metamerism.

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