Definition of metaphorical in English:


Syllabification: met·a·phor·i·cal
Pronunciation: /ˌmedəˈfôrik(ə)l


Characteristic of or relating to metaphor; figurative: many of our metaphorical expressions develop from our perceptions of the body
More example sentences
  • But is a call to metaphorical arms against an imaginary adversary counter-productive?
  • Salt's ability to preserve and sustain life has made it a metaphorical symbol in every religion.
  • All the proposed reasons given have been either metaphorical or analogous.
figurative, allegorical, symbolic;
imaginative, extended



Pronunciation: /ˌmetəˈfôrik(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • The usual suspect, Mr Duff, was never really in the running - literally as well as metaphorically.
  • The frescos metaphorically exalted, from outer tier to inner tier, the glories of an immense maritime empire.
  • You find yourself sympathising with him even as you metaphorically shield your eyes from yet another throat being cut or head being smashed in.

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